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Day: March 9, 2018


Caregiver Corner

Some mornings she gets up at 4 am to get herself ready. She walks to the bus stop and patiently waits to get to Mrs. M., a woman she’s been caring for. Mrs. M. is bed bound, she can’t get up to fix herself breakfast or even brush her teeth. Olympia assists her with all these ADL’s, activities of daily living and helps her laugh a little because Olympia is funny and has a natural knack when it comes to making people feel at ease and comfortable. She’s been one of our star caregivers for the past 2 years. She

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KUSI San Diego Made, San Diego Proud

Kurt Buske, President of A Better Solution Home Care & Nursing (ABS), sat with Roy Robertson, host of KUSI’s San Diego Made San Diego Proud, to discuss ABS services. Specific focus was given to Care Management Services that help connect people to the network ABS has developed of House Call Services that aid in keeping seniors at home independently. Though house-call services are a thing of the past to many -- the image of a doctor paying a visit to an ill patient unable to leave their home, stethoscope draped around the neck and black doctor’s bag in tow --

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Senior Spot Light

Vincent Freda heard voices in his head that would not cease, this story he’d been carrying for decades begged to be penned. Mr. Freda grew up during the depression era in New Rochelle, NY. His mother passed when he was only 2 years old and his father had difficulty finding steady employment to support the family. His love and respect for the Jewish community grew from this difficult time in his upbringing. Mr. Freda had Jewish neighbors that showed kindness to his family by helping his father secure steady work at a synagogue and then offering him work at their

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Social Workers Month

The roots of social work were well established by industry greats like Jane Addams and Eleanor Roosevelt in the early 1900’s, known as the age of reform. Social Work was slowly changing the lives of the immigrant population fresh to the new world. Churches and other religious organizations were the establishments that took charge in this local area helping those less fortunate by way of orphanages, community hospitals for the poor and ill and advocating for anyone unable to care for themselves. Today, these saint-like roles have been replaced by what we know today as social workers. I had the

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