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Day: November 4, 2019

franchise opportunities

Franchise Opportunities: Can You Afford One?

One of the biggest concerns about making any form of business investment involves the cost. You might think that the decision to buy a business is the same as the decision to buy a franchise opportunity. In reality, a franchise is much more profitable and cheaper. The cost of a franchise is actually far less than the cost of a business. Yes, purchasing a franchise is similar to purchasing a new business. But a franchise will give you the advantage of a tested, successful business model. A franchise is not simple, however. It takes a lot of work and dedication

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ABS Home Care Journal

There’s Power in the Name /ˈkerˌɡivər/ The business of home care has many moving pieces. Of these, one of the most vital resides with our caregivers and the service they deliver day in and day out. These men and women are on the frontline of care. Though earning a modest hourly rate they still show up for their clients with caring smiles and lots of love. For years now, some in the industry have tried changing their job title for the sake of catchy copy and or marketing gimmicks. The reality is, there is nothing wrong with their job title;

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A Real Solution

America’s population is aging. The U.S. Census Bureau predicts that by 2035, there will be more Americans over the age of 65 (78 million) then there are children under the age of 18 (76.4 million). Additionally, 87 percent of seniors 65 and over, want to stay in their current homes and communities as they age, according to an AARP survey. Buying a Franchise in the Senior Services space is one of the best opportunities of our time. Home Care allows for seniors to live out their golden years on their terms. By providing non-medical caregivers to come to seniors' homes

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franchise opportunities

Franchising: Turning Your Nursing Experience Into a Business

A career in nursing is one that allows you to consistently move up the ladder. Your evolving skills will open new doors, so you can take on more responsibility and earn a better salary.   After years in the nursing field perhaps you are ready for something new? To further advance your career, you could try turning that nursing experience into your very own business through franchising.    By starting your own health care business, you open the door to an exciting business opportunity. Nurses use years of hands-on training and education to become their own boss.   Nurse entrepreneurs

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