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Month: October 2019


Spotlight: Senior Placement

Seniors who live by themselves and want to remain independent, being alone is not a great option due to a variety of reasons such as: household maintenance, cooking and other issues that require mobility. “Placement” into a Senior Community is a viable option for those that can afford it and who qualify.  Senior Communities have grown and are beautifully designed to encompass all aspects of Senior Living and Socialization.  Studies show that seniors with an active social life live 5-10 years longer than those who remain isolated at home. Like real estate agents, placement coordinators help you navigate and narrow

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A Better Solution Senior Tips for October

HOME SENIOR SAFETY: For seniors, falls are the number one cause of emergency room visits and hospital stays. Our safety tips allow our caregivers, clients and their family or friends to help create an environment that is safe and healthy. These tips are not just for seniors. Look around your own home to ensure everyone’s safety. Here are some simple and effective safety tips: Declutter your house to make sure you have plenty of space to walk around. Less clutter also means less risk of falls. Make sure all rugs have anti-slipping pads. Cover furniture corners to prevent injuries if

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A Better Solution Caregiver Corner

Avoiding Caregiver Burnout: Our clients and their families depend on our exceptional caregivers to care for themselves and their loved ones. Sometimes being of service to others cause us to neglect our own care and creates stress that can spill over to every area of our lives. At A Better Solution, we strive to maintain a healthy environment for our caregivers where they can thrive and feel the accomplishment of helping our seniors remain independent and secure. Here are some tips not just for professional caregivers, but for family caregivers as well. Remind yourself that your work has value Remember

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franchise opportunities

Owning a Franchise: 5 Helpful Tips

Choosing to purchase a franchise is a big step towards success. Franchise owners may have the advantage of their franchisor’s business plan, but that doesn’t mean that owning a franchise is easy. A new franchise owner must be prepared to research their franchise heavily, as well as spend a lot of time with that franchise. Below, you will find five tips that could be vital in your success as a franchise owner and your potential franchise opportunities.  Choosing the Right Business The first tip to owning a franchise is to understand what business is the right fit for you. Sometimes,

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Owning a Franchise: Your Path to Freedom

To many, financial freedom may sound like a myth; something they wish was true, but in reality, it is unattainable. To young adults, financial freedom may mean that their college loans and future home has been paid off. To older adults, financial freedom could mean that they have enough money to retire.  The cost of a franchise is actually far less than the cost of starting a business alone. While purchasing a franchise is, essentially, starting a new business, the franchise you choose already has the support of a successful business model. Owning a franchise is not an easy task.

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