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Day: November 10, 2020

seniors with Alzheimer’s disease being outdoors in a wheelchair.

San Diego Residents: Know the Difference Alzheimer’s Disease Vs. Normal Aging

If one of your loved ones is a senior who is beginning to forget things, you may be concerned.  It is normal for elderly people to not be as quick as they once were, but diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s also cause people to have a bad memory.  How do you know the difference between seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and those who are just experiencing normal aging?  Get the facts here, for San Diego residents.  Here are some signs that are present in seniors with Alzheimer’s so you can tell the difference. Decreased or Poor Judgement in Seniors with Alzheimer's

11,10,2020 Comments Off on San Diego Residents: Know the Difference Alzheimer’s Disease Vs. Normal Aging

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Our Senior Care Services: 3 Things We Offer

A Better Solution in Home Care has been in the senior care business for two decades.  With this kind of experience, we know how to meet your needs. Whatever those may be, from one-on-one personal care to finding a residential facility.  Also, every caregiver is carefully chosen for their ability to give the highest quality of care.  Our highly trained and professional staff can meet the needs of any senior at any time.  Here are three of the caregiving services in senior home care currently available. Personal Care Our personal care services are the most time and task intensive that

06,10,2020 Comments Off on Our Senior Care Services: 3 Things We Offer

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Coronavirus: Keeping Your Senior Community Safe

With the recent coronavirus pandemic on the rise, many are wondering how to keep their communities and loved ones safe. Since the elderly are among the most vulnerable to the virus, it is vital that much care is taken to protect the elderly communities. Whether you or a loved one are living in a senior community, there are some precautionary measures that can be taken to prevent the virus from spreading to the most vulnerable.  Prevention is key. Since COVID-19 has no current cure or treatment, here are some of the best ways that you can be prepared and prevent

04,10,2020 Comments Off on Coronavirus: Keeping Your Senior Community Safe

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A Better Solution January Focus

Certified Nursing Courses in San Diego A Better Solution has opened our first “30-day CNA” accredited Certification Program in San Diego for students to become CNA’s further developing their career in Nursing. This allows individuals the opportunity to obtain positions in Skilled Nursing Facilities and Hospitals, providing our clients a higher level of care.  A Better Solution understands the commitment to the community when owning a Senior Care Agency and understands the importance of providing a space where those who work hard to make sure that our clients are cared for is crucial for our client’s quality of life. A

01,10,2020 Comments Off on A Better Solution January Focus

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5 Winter Activities for Seniors

Finding senior-friendly activities is especially challenging when the weather has been cold and harsh for months. We love these winter activities for seniors from Vive Health  which share 5 Winter activities for seniors that are sure to warmth everyone’s day. Are you on the lookout for ideas to keep your older adult active during these cold, wintry months? Depending on their mobility and health condition, the idea of staying active during months of snow, ice and cold weather can seem daunting. Fear not, there are loads of creative, safe and impactful senior activities they’ll love that will warm their heart

01,10,2020 Comments Off on 5 Winter Activities for Seniors

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