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Month: January 2020


A Better Solution January Focus

Certified Nursing Courses in San Diego A Better Solution has opened our first “30-day CNA” accredited Certification Program in San Diego for students to become CNA’s further developing their career in Nursing. This allows individuals the opportunity to obtain positions in Skilled Nursing Facilities and Hospitals, providing our clients a higher level of care.  A Better Solution understands the commitment to the community when owning a Senior Care Agency and understands the importance of providing a space where those who work hard to make sure that our clients are cared for is crucial for our client’s quality of life. A

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5 Winter Activities for Seniors

Finding senior-friendly activities is especially challenging when the weather has been cold and harsh for months. We love these winter activities for seniors from Vive Health  which share 5 Winter activities for seniors that are sure to warmth everyone’s day. Are you on the lookout for ideas to keep your older adult active during these cold, wintry months? Depending on their mobility and health condition, the idea of staying active during months of snow, ice and cold weather can seem daunting. Fear not, there are loads of creative, safe and impactful senior activities they’ll love that will warm their heart

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New Year, New You

5 Steps For Success Well its’ that time of year again; where we make those same promises to ourselves that we had made the year prior. If you’ve become as jaded as most of us, you may simply call them vague promises or “wishes.” Here are some tips from Tony Robbins on how to Jump Start your life and make good on your promises to yourself this new year. 1) Make sure it is Attainable We cannot lose 30 pounds in two weeks just like we cannot be successful in a new career in one month. Make sure your goals

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