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5 Things to Know Before Hiring an In-Home Caregiver

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Taking care of an elderly family member takes a lot of hard work.  Hiring a professional caregiver may be a better solution, considering that they have the time and knowledge in order to be most effective.  If you are considering senior home care, here are five things you should know before hiring a caregiver.

What services does the caregiver provide?

There are different types of services that may or may not be included in a senior care plan.  These can include housekeeping, transportation, medical care, food prep, and more.  Before you even start looking for a caregiver, consider what you need help with.  Outline the specific tasks you need to hire someone to do, and then look for senior home care from there.  In this way, you know exactly what you’re looking for instead of just randomly searching for caregivers who can provide different levels of help.

How much does senior care cost?

Budget is important to consider for multiple reasons.  You, of course, do not want to spend more money on senior care than you have.  There is also the consideration of who should pay for the caregiver.  Does the senior who needs the help have a retirement fund?  Do other family members need to get involved financially?  Talk about this with your family early on to prevent arguments later.  While staying within budget is important, you shouldn’t hire a caregiver just because they are cheap.  Shop around and find the best option you can afford.  Be sure to set up a billing plan and understand where any extra charges could come from as well.

Who does the caregiver work for?

A caregiver can either work for an agency or be a freelancer.  In general, it is a good idea to hire someone through an agency.  This way the company can run background checks and provide a level of security you don’t have with freelancers.  Even when hiring from an agency, be careful.  Research the senior home care agency before committing.  Are they well qualified?  Do they have a record of complaints or poor reviews?  These are important things to consider when hiring a caregiver.

What kind of experience does the caregiver have?

Beyond background checks, you want to know more about the caregiver you may hire.  How long have they been working in senior home care?  What do past clients think of them?  Be sure to get references from any caregivers you are considering.  Ask to interview the caregiver as well, even if they work through an agency.  Deciding on a senior care agency is a good first step, but you also want to find a person inside that agency who fits your specific needs and expectations.

How will the caregiver be supervised?

Even if you are working with a reputable agency and have interviewed, referenced, and background-checked your caregiver, it is still important to know about supervision.  Most serious senior care agencies have a plan in place.  Some have supervisors randomly drop in to observe senior home care while others use technology for scheduling and accountability.  As a family member, you have a right to drop in at any time.  Any caregiver that has a problem with this is not for you.

Need assistance with senior home care?

No matter your caregiver needs, A Better Solution in Home Care can help.  They provide all kinds of services, from personal care to homemaker services to nursing care and transportation.  A Better Solution can provide senior care any day, any time.  Call (877) 585-9011 to learn more.

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