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5 Tips for Recruiting for Caregiver Jobs

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As the senior population increases, home care staff positions are steadily increasing. Projections show that by the year 2030, seniors will outnumber the population of children. This number of seniors guarantees job security in all senior caregiver jobs. The future looks positive for people interested in providing geriatric care. However, you will need a good process to ensure you get the very best prospects. Our experts at A Better Solution in Home Care have been matching applicants and employers for many years now and offer these five tips to help you.

Our Tips For Recruitment

1. List Your Availability for Caregiver Jobs on Several Social Media Site

Be specific with the type of position and the location you’re looking for. When applicants search for caregiver jobs near me, they only want to see the openings within a distance they are willing to drive. Some of the most popular sites are Indeed, CareasOne, myCNAjobs, and Hireology.

2. Rent a Booth at a Job Fair to Advertise Caregiver Jobs Nearby

One of the ways many home care agencies have filled caregiver job positions is by appearing at job fairs. A hospital or medically oriented job fair is the best. But other industry job fairs can also be very productive. Your company representative is there to meet the potential applicant face to face. They can get a feel for the likelihood of fitting into your organization. If the candidate is kind, smiling, and welcoming, they might fit in.

3. Let People Know That You Have Caregiving Jobs Available

Talk to local colleges, technical schools, and nursing schools to let them know that you frequently have openings. Caregiver, Home Care Aids, CNA, and Home Health Aide jobs are regularly available. Tell them you would appreciate referrals of any students with potential for employment. You could also apply to be a sponsor for a local college or school too to help advertise.

4. Pay Good Wages, Offer Benefits and Extras

Compete for the best employees by being competitive. Make your company appealing to attract the best applicants. You will attract high-quality applicants by offering wages equal to or better than the other caregiving jobs nearby. Consider offering better benefits, more paid time off, or higher travel reimbursement. By doing so, you will receive more applicants willing to apply.

5. Offer Referral Rewards

Many recruiters for caregiving jobs report success by offering a referral reward. When a current employee or associate sends a candidate to them, they receive a reward. Happy employees are your best recruiters. Give a small initial reward when the candidate completes an application and interview. Then another small reward if the candidate is hired. Once the employee has completed the 90-day trial period, a larger amount is given. It could look like this $50 + $100 + $250= a total reward of $400. You might also choose to bonus the new employee at the 90-day point.

Bonus Tips

If your company is part of a franchise business, they may help you with your recruiting for caregiver jobs near you. At A Better Solution in Home Care, we make it easy to apply for a caregiver job at any of our locations. We have an application for CNAs and other Caregivers to download or complete online. It is an extensive application that covers the important basics of the applicant. Your initial training with ABS would have taught you how to interview and determine if the candidate is right for your business. Your coach and support are always just a call or e-mail away.

The very best way to decrease turnover is to hire the right person. Take the time to find the right person for your organization. Caregiving jobs are very important positions to fill. Be sure you do everything you can to add the right person to your company. They represent you each and every time they go to a client’s home. Make sure that every visit is a positive experience for the client.

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