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Avoiding Caregiver Burnout:

Our clients and their families depend on our exceptional caregivers to care for themselves and their loved ones. Sometimes being of service to others cause us to neglect our own care and creates stress that can spill over to every area of our lives. At A Better Solution, we strive to maintain a healthy environment for our caregivers where they can thrive and feel the accomplishment of helping our seniors remain independent and secure. Here are some tips not just for professional caregivers, but for family caregivers as well.

    • Remind yourself that your work has value

Remember that caregivers truly change lives. Caregivers make it easy for Seniors to ask for help. At A Better Solution we say, “Caregiving isn’t a Job, it’s a calling”. Being a part of something this important to someone takes a special person, keep that in mind.

    • Work no more than 40 hours a week

Caregiving is a demanding profession. Ensure you limit the hours you work to no more than 40 hours a week. Remember to take time for yourself and to get time away from a home care environment. This will give you an opportunity to keep a healthy balance of service and self-fulfillment in your personal life. Although we understand that sometimes you may need the extra income, keep in mind that giving yourself time to destress is crucial to excel in any career.

    • Join a support group

The Family Caregiver Alliance has a family care navigator tool to help you locate resources including support groups near you and give you the ability to join an online caregiver group. You can also chat online with other caregivers in the same situation on AARP’s website. Services and support in your area can also be found through Eldercare Locator. In addition, the Alzheimer’s Association, Cancer Care, and the Well Spouse Association offer additional information.

    • Organize your personal life

Seek out simple tools like calendars and to-do lists that can help you prioritize your responsibilities. Taking care of someone else means you must organize their day, but don’t forget about your own family and life as well. Keep a calendar for your appointments and even schedule outings and exercise in a calendar so it is a priority and you can easily navigate through the things you need to accomplish.

    • Nurture the positive relationships in your life

You may be overwhelmed but take time to talk with friends and family you are closest to. Spend an evening with someone who is a good listener. Limit your interactions with negative people who will drag down your mood and perspective. Surround yourself with those who appreciate you and really care. Remember your family is important too and enjoy outings with your children or grandchildren monthly if possible and keep an attitude of gratitude wherever you go.

    • Give yourself a break

We understand that Caregivers many times don’t get or take Vacations or time away from clients or job responsibilities. The rule of thumb is taking one day off for every 120 days worked. That can be enjoying one long weekend to spend with family or friends. Going out of town, or just staying home and catching up on movies and housework. Taking a break is a mental health necessity in any occupation, but especially when we serve others.

    • Don’t forget to take care of your own health

Set a goal to establish a good sleep routine and to exercise a certain number of hours every week. Be sure to eat healthy and drink plenty of water. See your doctor for recommended immunizations and screenings. Tell your physician that you’re a caregiver and bring up any concerns you may have. A daily relaxation and meditation practice can be beneficial as well. Remember the healthier the better, caregiver, friend, daughter, mother, spouse you will be and the longer you will be a beneficial member of any workforce, so take care of yourself. Everything else will fall into place.

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At A Better Solution your care comes first. Our clients, caregivers, and referral sources are our number one priority. Providing our communities with personalized, comprehensive tools that meet their need is important to us. Please feel free to give us a call at (877) 585-9011 to let us know of an article or information piece that you think may help our seniors, caregivers or referral sources live a higher standard of life.

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