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There’s Power in the Name

The business of home care has many moving pieces. Of these, one of the most vital resides with our caregivers and the service they deliver day in and day out. These men and women are on the frontline of care. Though earning a modest hourly rate they still show up for their clients with caring smiles and lots of love. For years now, some in the industry have tried changing their job title for the sake of catchy copy and or marketing gimmicks. The reality is, there is nothing wrong with their job title; on the contrary, there’s everything right about their title and the power behind it.

Caregivers change lives and adult diapers with equal importance. These peace ambassadors give care by way of their patience and compassion. Caregivers arrive at strangers homes at the most vulnerable time of their lives. On occasion, the client may not even want them there because it’s yet another reminder that independence is fleeting. The ability to care for oneself is what differentiates adults from children. When faced with the reality that one can’t safely and adequately care for oneself, the emotions that follow are often deflated hope and objection. Caregivers overcome these challenges and unwillingness from their clients with forbearing grace, love and understanding. Caregivers look past the dissent and give care regardless. At ABS we honor these men and women. They are part of the legacy ABS has been creating for the past 19 years. Helping clients do more than just live, but thrive and feel joy in their day.

To be a caregiver, in any capacity, should be celebrated because the work is not for the faint of heart. Caregivers often go unnoticed. They burn out. They become attached to their clients and don’t get the space to grieve once they’ve passed. The attachment that is born between these two people is unparalleled and not just limited to the two; often an entire family becomes attached as well. Caregiver’s prepare favorite meals and even help to dress a loved one after they’ve passed. They know what’s happening with the client better than anyone else because they exist in that vulnerable place with the client, exposed to the pain of disease and the fear of death right along with them. These caregivers are the keepers of the stories and the details that fill each day. Stories their children don’t even know. Boundaries are often blurred because the close bond is unavoidable.

At ABS, we honor their contribution by continuing to call them caregivers. How different our surroundings would be if we all gave the gift of care to those with whom we come in contact.

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