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Q & A With Tina Adams-Carter

Name:  Tina Adams-Carter Title: Director of Placement Services Business: A Better Solution In Home Care Phone Number: 619-750-4341 Website:  YOUR BUSINESS What services does A Better Solution In Home Care offer? Caregiving Services (Personal Care, Companion Care Homemaker Services), Nursing Care (RN/LVN), Care Management, Transportation Services, After Care Services (recovering from surgery or injury etc), Placement Services (matching you or your loved one with the best senior housing environment). And what is your role in the company? As Director of Placement Services, I take a lot of pride in hand-holding my clients and giving them the opportunity to really get to know the senior communities they may call home.

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Elderly using tablet

Coronavirus: How to Help The Elderly Stay Connected With Loved Ones

We are now in the sixth month of the coronavirus pandemic here in the United States.  While some areas have few cases and restrictions are being lifted, others are just now feeling the full force of the outbreak.  No matter where they live, many elderly people continue to stay at home.  It’s important for older people to self-isolate because they are more likely to get seriously ill if they catch the coronavirus.  Keeping seniors safe is important, but so is preventing them from becoming lonely.  Here are some ways to help the elderly stay connected with their families. Give them

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Senior being taken care of b a caregiver

Senior Home Care: What Does It Really Cost?

When you begin to think about senior home care for a family member, one of the first things that comes to mind is cost.  Is hiring a caregiver worth the price?  Would it be better for a family member to provide senior care?  While these and other questions must be answered by each family, here are some things to consider when thinking about the cost of senior home care. Time  One of the first things you need to figure out is how much caregiver time your family member is going to need.  Maybe they just need someone to stop in

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younger woman being a caregiver for the elderly

5 Tips for Caring for the Elderly at Home

As parents and grandparents get older, the responsibility to care for them often falls on younger adult family members.  Being a caregiver is sometimes difficult work.  It can be helpful to research a bit about senior home care and get advice from others.  Here are five tips for caring for the elderly at home. 1. Don’t try to do everything alone From the very start, you need to have a plan that involves every possible family member helping in some way.  It is unfair to have one person carry the entire burden of caregiving.  No matter how capable that person

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Caregiver Guilt: What It Is and How to Manage It

Many adults around the country care for aging parents.  A lot of these people end up feeling some sort of caregiver guilt.  What is caregiver guilt?  It is when a caregiver feels guilty about the way they are providing senior care to their loved ones.  It happens when the caregiver feels like they aren’t doing enough.  Since many caregivers are sacrificing a lot in order to help their family members, why do they still feel guilty?  Here are some reasons why, along with ways to manage caregiver guilt. Why might a caregiver feel guilty? There are a variety of reasons

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