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Home care is one of the best low-cost franchise options for new business owners.

Why Home Care is One of the Best Low-Cost Franchises

The franchising industry keeps growing strong, offering aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to open their own businesses within established brands. If you’ve been thinking about buying a franchise that doesn’t require a large investment, you should know that a home care business is one of the best  low-cost franchises to own.  (more…)

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Home care franchises are one of the fastest growing industries in the country!

Top Franchises for Home Care in the Country

As the senior demographic in the United States continues to expand at a remarkably rapid rate, senior care and home healthcare have emerged as one of the fastest-growing sectors within the broader healthcare industry. In response to this rapid growth, more and more savvy entrepreneurs looking for a fulfilling career that offers financial stability and independence are buying in-home care franchises for seniors. It’s true that the senior population in the U.S. is living longer. However, many of these older adults are also coping with physical, cognitive or mental limitations that prevent them from adequately caring for themselves. And those

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Starting a home care franchise business is both surprisingly easy and affordable, as well as valuable to the community.

Finding a Franchise Business Opportunity in Home Care

We’re told by the US Census Bureau, that by 2030, the entire baby boom generation will be over the age of 65. This will increase the size of the older population so that one out of every five residents will be enjoying their retirement years. This exploding senior population offers would-be entrepreneurs the opportunity to buy a home care franchise.  Considered one of the best franchises to own, a home care franchise doesn’t require a huge investment to get started. This type of franchise business is one that offers more than franchisee financial benefits. Home care franchise owners are given

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10 Tips for Stopping Elder Abuse

Elder abuse takes many forms. Common scenarios include physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, as well as financial exploitation; and neglect.  Abuse can take place anywhere from the individual’s home to long-term care facilities. Unfortunately, abuse often comes from the elderly's own children. However, this never excludes in-home caregivers and nurses. (more…)

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Personal workspace set up for franchise business purchase.

Important Questions to Ask Before Buying a Franchise 

Buying a franchise is something that can help you achieve both your business and personal goals. A franchise provides you with a proven business model and training that’s organized and provided by the franchisor. It’s also an easier way to attract financing as lending institutions consider those buying franchises as less risky than people starting new businesses from scratch.  When you’ve decided that you’d like to buy a franchise, you certainly want to cover all your bases to ensure you’ve made the right choice. Here are some very important questions to ask when you sit down for an interview with

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