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caregiver talking to an elderly woman in an wheelchair. Caregivers are excellent to provide company to seniors.

Caregivers: How to Help Seniors Overcome Loneliness in Burbank, CA

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Being a caregiver is such an honorable profession. You get to care for those who have impacted the world, and you would love nothing more than to always be there to help them. However, with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, your residents may be feeling lonelier than ever. They have to take extra care, and are often kept from friends and family. With current conditions, the number of lonely seniors is constantly increasing, and they need your help. Here are some tips to become a successful caregiver in these uncertain times.

Phone Calls

Many lonely seniors would love nothing more than to hear the voice of a loved one or someone who cares about them. Often, people just need to talk. Senior care in Burbank could be very effective, but also remain safe. Not only is a phone conversation relaxing for them, but it can be therapeutic for you. Humans are social creatures, and we need each other. One call could make someone’s day so much brighter than it would have otherwise been.

Video Calls

Video calls are another good way to reach out, and are a bit more interactive than phone calls. Many websites and apps help loved ones connect with one another and help caregivers connect with their patients. Caregivers and seniors in Burbank need each other, and it is incredible to see the faces of those you care about in real time. Video calls are an amazing development in technology, and they can be a great tool to help bring us closer, as well as help you check up on your patients to see how they are doing physically. All while remaining safely distant.

Sunshine and Fresh Air

When you visit patients, it can be a good idea to take them outside. Fresh air does wonders for the health of both you and your patients. When you are not working remotely, you can more closely monitor and interact with your patients.. The outdoors help reconnect people to the world around them and help clear their minds. It feels lonely to be stuck inside all day, and a little vitamin D can do wonders for senior health. 

Listen to and Understand Your Patients

Lonely seniors sometimes just need a listening ear to talk to. Understand that they are often alone, and isolation can damage one’s frame of mind fast. Do your best to put yourself in their place, which is a little easier right now because of the pandemic. This will help you better provide companionship and support, even if it is from afar. Lonely seniors need adult conversation and a friend. Your job is to be there for them and to help pull them out of their darkness, but you might be surprised how much your help ends up turning around and helping you both after all.

No matter where you are in this crisis and what your caregiving limitations have been set to, you can always find ways to reach out to and connect with your residents. There are resources for both of you. A Better Solution in Home Care is a wonderful place to get started, and they have all of the help and training you need to be successful in your efforts. Senior homecare in Burbank can be so much fun if you let it be. Families are counting on you to take care of their loved ones, and these seniors love you and having you around. Call  (877) 585-9011 or visit the website to learn more about ways you can help. 


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