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Coronavirus: How to Help The Elderly Stay Connected With Loved Ones

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We are now in the sixth month of the coronavirus pandemic here in the United States.  While some areas have few cases and restrictions are being lifted, others are just now feeling the full force of the outbreak.  No matter where they live, many elderly people continue to stay at home.  It’s important for older people to self-isolate because they are more likely to get seriously ill if they catch the coronavirus.  Keeping seniors safe is important, but so is preventing them from becoming lonely.  Here are some ways to help the elderly stay connected with their families.

Give them tech access

Just because someone is elderly doesn’t mean they can’t connect with their loved ones virtually.  People all over the world have figured out unique ways to connect online during the coronavirus.  Why should seniors be any different?  It’s easier than ever to hook up older adults with technology they can actually use.  Many tablets, laptops, and phones have accessibility modes that allow large text and amplified volume.  Setting up voice commands is also an option.  This may be simpler for some elderly people.

Once they are connected, there are many different ways people can use the internet to stay in touch.  You could set up weekly family video calls or send those in senior care homes pictures of younger family members.  There are many online games to play with other people.  Another option is to utilize video chat to plan game nights during the pandemic.  Even social media can help elderly people follow what their loved ones are doing on a day-to-day basis.

Mail letters

If new technology seems like too much, a good old-fashioned letter is another great option.  Lots of people like to get letters in the mail, especially the elderly.  Not only is it a way to stay connected, but letters are also a great keepsake.  Being able to look through old letters can be comforting if you can’t be together in person.  If you don’t have time for an in-depth message, even a simple card to say hello can be appreciated.  Some senior care agencies even have pen pal programs set up for their residents.

Check in often

It may seem like a cliché, but checking in on elderly family members is a big deal.  While doing this in person may not be possible, phone calls are always available.  Calling to talk for just five or ten minutes every day can make a world of difference.  A family could even schedule out a day for each person to call.  This way the elderly person gets to keep in touch with lots of loved ones.

When calling a family member, ask them questions.  Checking in isn’t just making sure they can answer the phone, but also making sure they are doing well.  The coronavirus has worried a lot of people.  Taking time to ask how someone is truly feeling has never been more appreciated.

Plan safe ways to meet in person

This may not be possible everywhere.  If your state still has stay-at-home orders because of coronavirus, stay home.  However, some parts of the country are at a lower risk than others.  If you live in one of these towns, see if there’s a way you can meet safely with your elderly family member.  Some senior care homes have set up windows so loved ones can come to visit from outside.  Sitting together outside may be possible if masks are worn and social distancing is followed.

Need senior care?

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