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Are you Using the Right Agency for your Home Care Needs?

When a Social Worker or Discharge Planner, Nurse or skilled agency refers to a home care company are they able to ensure that the brochure they hand out is actually backed by an office and a staff of people?

Usually No, They do not have time to Vet every Agency that they refer to, but you should!

With the new laws in home care have you checked to ensure your caregiver is accurately paid, for their hourly or live in shifts? Pay Rates should be at least $156.00 per day for Live in and hourly rates should pay time and one half after 9 hours.Do you really want an agency charging 16.50 and paying minimum wage to the person entrusted with your loved ones care?

Have you visited the office or the agency that you have chosen? Have you asked the Owner for their Resume’? I have seen many companies state they have “over 10 years or 25 years” in the home care industry, and those of us with the actual 30 years or so, know that is untrue, as some of these owners have worked for us, just a few short years ago.

With over 400 agencies in San Diego County, there are two easy ways to ensure that you have at least some small protection, Make sure the company is either CAHSAH Certified (ask to see the Certification) Or a member of the American Board of Home Care, again you should ask for the certification, these two agencies vet the companies based on Employer Model, so you won’t get sued for taxes.

Remember your Social Worker, Discharge Planner, Hospice Nurse, or Therapist, does not have time to check into every San Diego agency, so do your Due Diligence and ensure that the care you receive is the best, ask for proof, of certifications, and references from the owner that you can check, to ensure you are being sold an honest bill of goods. These things are important, your life or your loved ones life may depend on it!

Lia Smith/CEO

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