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From our CEO: Why are the prices for home care increasing?

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As an advocate for our clients and seniors on fixed incomes, but also a parent who understands that minimum wage is needed for our younger workforce, it is a very difficult stance to take – whether or not we should raise the minimum wage. As a former caregiver, I know the work and effort it takes to care for others and the exceptional dedication that A Better Solution’s Caregivers all over the Country give to our Senior Clients.

In my home state of California as well as my city of San Diego, I fought it, which made me extremely unpopular among many of my friends, but they hadn’t had to watch the cost for Senior Care Services rise almost 100% over the last 10 years. Being in the Home Care industry over 35 years, I have seen the rate hike due to insurance premium caps lifted, taxes being raised, medical insurance being required, and now the raise in minimum wage requires that we bill almost double what we pay in order to cover our overhead costs.

As the CEO of A Better Solution In Home Care, I want my clients and their families to always understand and be educated about laws or issues that affect the care they receive and the costs of that care. Rates are rising, especially in the states listed below with minimum wage increases. A Better Solution Senior Care Services pays our amazing caregivers well above minimum wage, as they are taking care of very special and important people – our family members and our friends – and we want our clients in the best hands possible. So you will notice rate increases, but I personally hope this helps you understand a bit better why they are coming and allows us to help you prepare for them.

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