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From the Desk of The CEO–Caregiver Ettiquette

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Caregiver Etiquette Tips~~

You may ask yourself, what would the OWNER of a home care agency know about caregiver etiquette? Except how she wants her caregivers to act? Well that may be true of most owners, but Lia Smith, the owner of A Better Solution In Home Care, Inc. started her journey as a CNA in Skilled Nursing Facilities and moved into Private Duty, when she was pregnant with her daughter almost 28 years ago.

What I have learned about Caregiving that a lot of owners do not understand, is that every client is different, so every caregiving experience is a challenge and a chance to learn and do something new and rewarding, or something difficult and not so rewarding (smile), as staffers and owners want us to do the impossible, make a combative client calm, make an anxious client sleep, make an unhappy family member happy.

But there are some basics that if as a caregiver you follow, you are more than likely going to always be the first choice, of both your clients, and your agency!

1) Always..I mean always..Wear Clean Scrubs, never wrinkled, never mismatched, fitting properly. Scrubs for a caregiver are a badge of honor, they say: I am Part of the Nursing profession, although my job may not seem medical in nature, it is vital to someone’s well being and life. and I CARE.

2) Always address your client as Mr. or Mrs. it is a sign of respect, so they are not Ma’am or Mom, or Dad–they are not YOUR parents or Grandparents, they are someones however, and you do not take their place.

3) Respect the Home, do not go riffling through drawers or cabinets unless you are putting away clothes and dishes.

4) Always ask, “would you like Eggs?’ goes over better than “Eat your breakfast” I made eggs, what if they don’t like them? “Would you like to Get up now” goes over better than “Rise and Shine” I am Here!! Also ASK the children and/or agency what the desired plan of care is..do not assume!

5) Always watch your client, don’t sit while they wander, your job is companion, safety guard, private caregiver, not “vacation buddy” “family friend” or banker, clients and their families dependtestimonial-img3 on you to keep them safe.


If the Clients didn’t need a little more help in their homes..you wouldn’t be there, and you need to always remember they are your NUMBER ONE priority, not making the bed, or talking on the phone, but THE CLIENT–their skin integrity, their well being, their environment, their happiness and health, You can and do make an incredible difference in someones life, when your Etiquette is on point!

Those are just a few things that will help you in your career, stay tuned, I will add more as time goes by, but if you are currently looking for an agency that covers ALL of this and More, Call us: A Better Solution In Home Care, Inc. (619)585-9011; Where Our Caregivers Make the Difference!

Have a great Day!
Lia Smith
Est. 2000

“Where the Quality of Our Care, is matched only by the Dedication of Our Staff, Specifically Suited to be the Solution to all of your Home Care Needs”

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