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Great Job Opportunities in Senior Care

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As the senior home care field grows, so do the job opportunities.  There are many different ways to be a caregiver.  Senior care covers everything from doing housework for aging clients to being a nurse in a residential facility.  There are now more opportunities than ever to join this rewarding job field.

An aging population

The growing demand for senior care workers is due to the way the United States population has been changing over the years.  According to census data, one in every five Americans will be retirement age by the year 2030.  This will be the first time older adults outnumber children in U.S. history.  This is partly due to advances in the healthcare field.  People are living longer than ever before.  The median age of the American population is expected to go from 38 to 43 by the year 2060.  Because of all this, there is a huge opening for senior caregivers.  Since people are living longer, they are spending more time in old age than they used to.  This means that more people need help with things from doing household chores to transportation to medical care.

A variety of positions

There are many different jobs available in the senior healthcare field.  These include

  •         Caregivers
  •         Home care aides
  •         Certified nursing assistants
  •         Home health aides
  •         Nurses

As you can see, these positions require various levels of training and schooling.  If you are an RN, you can provide medical care and rehabilitative care to seniors, either in their homes or at a residential senior housing facility.  Others who are still passionate about senior care but do not have a nursing degree can still help.  There are jobs in care management, where you help family members understand how senior home care works and figure out the best plan for them.  Transportation is part of senior care, as is homemaker services like laundry and meal preparation.  No matter your skillset, there is an opportunity for you in senior care.

A rewarding profession

Being a caregiver comes with a lot of benefits.  One of these is the knowledge that you are helping people.  Serving others can actually make you feel fulfilled while you make their lives easier.  Working in senior home care is one great way to make a difference.  Even better, it can be your career.  Some people feel stretched between the work they do for a salary and the volunteering they do, but that does not need to be the case.  Work in senior care and your service work can be the same job that pays your bills.

A Better Solution – helping you make a difference

A Better Solution in Home Care is committed to providing the highest level of senior care to every person in every community they work in.  Due to the ever-growing need for caregivers, A Better Solution is always on the lookout for more committed employees.  A Better Solution offers the following services:

  •         Personal care – assist with daily activities like eating, bathing, mobility, etc.
  •         Companion care – provide supervision and companionship to clients
  •         Homemaker services – help with housekeeping, laundry, and meal prep
  •         Nursing care – provide medical care for seniors (select locations only) 
  •         Care management – coordinate senior care with families and educate them
  •         Transportation care services – provide transit to shopping, outings, and errands
  •         After care services – help adults of any age recover from an accident
  •         Placement services – help families find senior housing
  •         Registry/ facility staffing – staff facilities in need of support

No matter your skill set, A Better Solution has a place for you.  Call 1 (877) 585-9011 to learn more, or apply online at www.absihc.com/careers-with-abs/.

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