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Healthy Lifestyle Habits that Are Possible With Senior Home Care in Chattanooga 

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Receiving senior home care doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on a healthy lifestyle! In fact, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can improve mental health outcomes for elderly people. Here are some healthy lifestyle tips for seniors:

Regular Check-Ups

As you age, regular visits to your primary care physician become all the more vital. In fact, these preventive care appointments often lead to the diagnosis of illnesses in early enough stages to allow for effective treatment. 

Seniors are more likely to suffer from chronic illnesses like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and more. Early diagnosis and treatment of these conditions significantly lower the likelihood of a serious health event. Those aged 60 and older also have twice the risk of a cancer diagnosis than those aged 45-49. Detecting cancer development early on leads to a better prognosis and treatment. Engaging in preventive care helps maintain a good quality of life. 

Home care providers can help coordinate appointments with your primary care physician, as well as any specialists. If you are having trouble finding a primary care provider in Chattanooga, visit the online Medicare directory


Exercise is a key component of any healthy lifestyle. Regardless of mobility, there are ways for seniors in home care to stay active. 

Seniors who struggle with mobility may need a less strenuous exercise regime. Activities like chair yoga, short walks, and chair dancing can keep low mobility seniors moving without overextending themselves.

Highly active seniors may engage in more involved exercises. Longer walks, ballroom dancing, yoga, and pilates may be more engaging for this group. 

Low impact exercises in the pool can be a fun way to get seniors of all mobility levels active. The weightless effect of being in the water lowers the impact of exercise on the joints, while the resistance from the water provides a good workout. Seniors can find these activities and more at the fifteen gyms in Chattanooga that participate in the Medicare SilverSneakers program. 

Eat Healthy

A balanced diet is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially for seniors with diet restrictions. While cooking for yourself can be the best way to keep track of what you’re consuming, some seniors may experience difficulty with preparing meals. Luckily, there are several healthy restaurants located in Chattanooga that can provide meals within the demands of your diet. 

Seniors who enjoy cooking may find enjoyment in learning new healthy recipes through cooking classes. Here’s a list of businesses that offer both public and private cooking classes

Maintain Friendships

It’s easy for seniors to find themselves isolated as they enter their elderly years. Loss of independence makes it harder to maintain friendships and relationships with other people in their community. Even so, it is incredibly important for seniors to maintain a healthy social life. 

Seniors should be encouraged to join social groups and maintain friendships. For example, attending weekly bingo games, walking groups, and senior movie nights can be a great way to nurture these relationships. Eastgate Senior Center in Chattanooga offers many of these activities and more on their weekly calendar. 

Growing older and needing extra help doesn’t mean you’re excluded from enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Many seniors receiving home care in Chattanooga find creative ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you need a home care provider who will help prioritize a healthy lifestyle for your loved one, please contact the Chattanooga location of A Better Solution In Home Care today!

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