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How ABSIHC Skilled Nursing Facility Can Increase The Longevity Of Patients

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The way we heal from injuries or medical procedures can be quite important to our overall health, especially as we age. Our bodies get a little slower as time goes on and our immune systems become less foolproof. As seniors are recovering from an injury or operation, they may choose to ride out their healing process in a skilled nursing facility.  There are a lot of beautiful benefits that occur when recovery takes place alongside a team of skilled professionals.

Nursing Home Facilities vs Skilled Nursing Facility 

With a wide range of services, it’s possible for healthcare practitioners to enhance the longevity of their patients by a wide margin. This margin increases when the care provided is timely, unhurried, and direct. Even higher risk individuals can gain a substantial amount of increase in their health when the facility offers services from caring individuals with specific training and skill. 

People with dementia often require skilled nursing care, along with severe cases of Alzheimer’s disease. In the event that an older person is recovering from a fall and cannot move around easily, they too could require skilled nursing care. In any case, if your loved one requires attention that is specific to their health needs, skilled nursing is a compelling option. While it may seem like nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities are the same thing, a skilled facility provides more direct nursing and care at any time of day or night. 

What Is a Skilled Nursing Facility?

Whereas nursing homes are residential, permanent places of living for seniors, skilled nursing facilities are typically temporary places that allow for streamlined and attentive care on a more involved basis. While in name, they have usually been different facilities, today, you can easily get skilled nursing in most assisted living programs and at home–especially with the right providers. 

Care regimes are extremely important for a full recovery, so these practitioners are often better prepared to provide the attention that’s necessary to keep seniors on track. When there’s a professional team backing them, this process happens with the most ease possible. Whether it’s physical therapy or speech therapy, there are many ways skilled nursing can treat illness in situations that a regular assistant might not have the training to do so. Here are a few extra ways that ABSIHC skilled nursing facilities can improve your loved one’s longevity:

  • Assist with oxygen and IV therapies
  • Administer medicines
  • Provide around-the-clock care
  • Monitor vital signs regularly 
  • Use a long-term approach to care delivery 
  • Extra help with bathing and moving around
  • Assist with physical therapies more often 
  • Transportation assistance from the home to the destination and back 
  • Meal plans, dietary alterations, and educated approaches to lifestyle changes 

Our Care For You

If you’re looking for a skilled nursing facility to help a loved one recover from any significant health challenges, we may have a solution for you at ABSIHC. Recovery can be a challenge and no one should have to do it alone. Click here to learn more about how our team can provide a personalized plan for care, intended to optimize the health of aging seniors. Having a skilled professional in your corner can make a world of difference, so don’t wait. We’re ready for you. 


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