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How Seniors in Burbank Can Prevent Falling into Social Isolation 

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One of the biggest fears that people have as they grow older is falling into social isolation. It’s a problem not just for the elderly but for the entire country.

The White House has declared that social isolation is a widespread epidemic because of its effect on seniors. In a time when it’s getting more difficult to find someone to care for your loved ones, it’s extremely important to make sure that they aren’t falling into any social isolation traps. 

The effects of social isolation can be severe for seniors. It puts them at risk for depression and can even lead to early death. When seniors don’t have people to talk to or help them with daily tasks, they can feel isolated and alone. 

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. There are options for seniors. Here are four ways that you can help your loved ones avoid social isolation:


Although you can’t have a conversation with animals in the way you can with a human, owning a pet is incredibly comforting and fulfilling. 

A pet is a full-time companion that can help you sidestep social isolation at home. Many people find it comforting to have other living things around the house. There are many benefits to pet ownership. Taking care of a pet adds routine and structure to a senior’s day, provides a distraction from loneliness, and petting an animal relieves stress and anxiety. Walking an animal is a great opportunity for seniors to get physical activity.

Accessible Transportation

Lack of adequate transportation is a primary cause of social isolation. Because many seniors are not able to travel independently, this can be an issue for them. Accessible transportation makes it easier for our senior citizens to connect. 

Research bus systems and other public transportation that seniors can use to stay mobile. Burbank has a rich metro system that’s completely senior-friendly and has handicap-accessible standards in place. If you prefer a more private mode of transportation, though, consider using a mobile ride sharing app. You can send a ride to your senior loved one’s location and then transport them to a specific location, like your home or a grocery store.

Video Chatting

Seniors who live apart from loved ones might try video conferencing to keep them close. Skype and FaceTime allow people to see and talk in real-time to anyone in any location.

Questions can be answered face-to-face rather than over the phone, giving seniors a chance to share a laugh or see their grandkids grow up. And group calls mean the whole family can join in! This technology is a great way to combat social isolation by making it easier for people separated by distance and time zones to connect.

Social Clubs

Join clubs for seniors. Joining a club offers new opportunities for seniors to share experiences and interact with friends. Clubs can give elderly adults something to look forward to and add structure to their lives.

One way to find a club is to look up the local senior’s organization in the area to see if they offer any events. Other options include sites like Meetup.com, which provide information about local events, many sponsored by groups or organizations such as this!

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