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How To Create a Better Assisted Living Home Care Lifestyle For Ease and Strength

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We all hope for the healthiest lifestyle possible for our loved ones. When it comes to getting older, there are a lot of different methods of creating more ease. Despite the aches, aging with wisdom can truly be a beautiful journey, especially with so many modern ways to maneuver through hardships. If you’re wondering about how to participate in the creation of a healthier lifestyle for your favorite seniors in assisted living home care, you’ll find some great tips here!

Simple Home Care Lifestyle Improvements

Keep the fridge stocked with alkaline water or any favorite snacks

When everything is easily laid out, your loved one and their assistants can quickly retrieve items. Keep your fridge clean and keep all necessary medicines in plain sight. It’s good to stay on top of your inventory to ensure everything is available (like alkaline water and your loved one’s favorite snacks).

Prioritize light exercise and healthy movement

If your loved one is still up and about, daily walks can provide a sunny boost of vitamin D, along with the health benefits of increased activity. Better blood flow means more strength and resilience, which is exactly what we’re going for. If possible, keep very light weights around the house for your loved one to use while watching TV or hanging out with their assistants.

Get the grandkids to visit

Seeing family members can mean the world to our elders, so if you haven’t reached out to grandkids recently, do it! Ask them to come do a puzzle or just sit and chat with your senior. It can help them fend off a sense of disconnectedness from the world and boost morale. We all feel connected to the world when we think about the continuation of our families, so don’t let your loved one be deprived of that love if you can avoid it.

Virtual outings

It may be too risky to take grandma to bingo these days, but what if you could bring bingo to the house? There are plenty of services online specifically designed to make sure our elders get much-needed time to socialize and have fun. Virtual bingo, trivia, and more can take place right in the comfort of your assisted living home care location!

Complex Assisted Living Lifestyle Hacks

Build a ramp to replace stairs

If you’re looking to take it a step further, help your loved one avoid stairs by building ramps. A fall can be serious, so it’s especially good to consider this if there are porch stairs to be navigated. If the stairs are indoors and leading up to a second floor, consider getting an automatic chair so your senior can simply sit n’ click, and be on the next floor before long. They can be bulky, but the benefit outweighs the risks on this one!

Create a comfortable outdoor space

Fresh air is quintessential to good health for anyone, not just older folks. If you don’t have a patio or a nice outdoor place for them to sit, see if you can secure this as an option. Some renovation projects are easy to do at home by yourself if you have the time, even if it means just getting a nice lounge chair and umbrella somewhere on the property. The only thing to be mindful of here is the sun. Seniors can be more sensitive to light, and we wouldn’t want anyone coming back inside with a burn, so choose the placement carefully.

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