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How to Get Your Elderly Parents on Board with Wichita Senior Home Care

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Deciding that your loved ones need senior home care services can be both difficult and stressful. You and your parents may be feeling a wide range of emotions accepting that their health isn’t what it used to be. This is sometimes a reason why an elderly parent refuses care. It’s a hard situation for everyone involved. 

Choosing Wichita Senior Home Care

Staff from homecare in Wichita can make things easier when you are facing elderly refusing care. You want to choose a caregiver that you would trust with your own life since they are taking care of someone you love. Senior home care can help your elderly parents get adjusted to support without having to leave the house they are familiar with.

It can be stressful as you are trying to get the best help for your loved one, but they argue that there is not a problem with them continuing to live alone. This is understandable. They may be concerned about their health too but don’t want to express it, are experiencing significant cognitive decline, or are just worried about change. You don’t want to force your loved ones to get help, so what should you do? Here are a few strategies to help the process go a little smoother.

What to Do When an Elderly Parent Refuses Care

The first step is to approach your elderly parents or other loved ones with caution and sympathy. Look at the situation from their perspective as much as you can. Explain that your offer for care is coming from the heart because you love them. Also, make sure to hear out their perspective fully. Show your parents that you are listening. If they are still in good enough health, you may be able to find a compromise that makes both of you feel better, like homecare instead of residential care.

Another approach that often works is to gradually enter your loved ones into senior care. Services such as personal care, companion care, and homemaker services can help your parents get comfortable with a caregiver and see if it is the best fit for them. Once your loved one is more comfortable, caregivers can slowly start managing more, such as medical services. If these gradual steps still agitate your parent, you can always talk to a caregiver and explain your situation with your elderly parent refusing service to see how they can personally assist you.

Senior Home Care Services  

Once your parent is on board with care, the hardest part is over. Now, you want to be there for them to help them through the process, knowing they still have their children by their sides. Besides providing support for physical well-being, caregivers also must ensure that their new patients are emotionally healthy. It can be extremely challenging and stressful for an elderly person to come to terms with how this part of their life is playing out. 

As with any new experience, often the scariest part is the unknown. Caregivers craft an individual care plan so each new patient has their needs met. Care plans include things such as personal well-being strategies and services to and from specific health experts and doctors. If your loved one has mobility issues, a caregiver will be there to help them move comfortably and assist them to prevent any injuries or trauma.

If your parents are struggling to accept senior care, assure them they don’t have to go far away with A Better Solution in Homecare in Wichita. They are available to call 24/7 for your convenience at (316) 295-3282.

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