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senior care: helping a senior to exercise

Idaho Families: 5 Senior Care Tips to Help Seniors to Workout In Winter

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Senior home care entails many different responsibilities, including promoting healthy lifestyles through exercise. Unfortunately, as individuals age, it becomes more difficult to work out. However, in order to retain one’s mobility and increase one’s quality of life, seniors must remain active. It doesn’t matter whether they are doing exercises with weights or walking down the driveway to check the mail; the ultimate goal is to incorporate activities that increase their heart rate every day. Any amount of movement is progress, and continued progress is how one achieves results. 

As the months have gotten colder, you may find that your senior loved ones are less active. This makes sense, as older individuals experience the cold in a much harsher way due to their thinner skin. Even though the weather is colder, you must ensure that your senior relatives continue to receive adequate exercise. To help your senior exercise during the bitter Idaho winters, consider these five tips when administering senior care at home.

Discuss Health Benefits of Working Out 

If the senior in your care simply does not want to exercise, attempt to persuade them otherwise. Begin by making them aware of the health benefits of light exercise, such as increased mobility and blood flow. These benefits can significantly increase their health and quality of life, and can even improve symptoms from conditions like diabetes. Additionally, let them know that even the smallest workouts help tremendously. 

Consider Virtual Fitness Classes to Avoid The Cold

When attempting to avoid the cold, consider enrolling your elderly loved one in an online fitness class. This option enables seniors to exercise from their own homes and with workouts designed especially for the elderly. 

Furthermore, if cost is an issue, there are countless workout videos online for free.

Incorporate Simple Exercises Throughout the Day

In addition to structured workouts, you should also ensure that your loved one is as mobile as possible during the day. Really, any time there is a chance for them to be active without over-exerting themselves, you should seize the opportunity. This includes simple exercises and activities, like arm circles, leg lifts, and even walking laps around the yard. As long as they increase their heart rate each day, these small workouts are worth it. 

Utilize Resistance Bands and Treadmills

When overseeing your elderly loved one’s workout sessions, make sure they gradually build up to more stringent activities. Once they are comfortable proceeding, incorporate workouts such as resistance bands and aerobics. With resistance bands, seniors can control the exact intensity of their workout, thus minimizing any chance of injury. And with the addition of aerobics on a treadmill, they can walk with the safety of support bars and off-switches.

Layer Up for Fun Outdoor Workouts

On particularly warmer days, bundle up your senior loved one for outdoor workout sessions. Idaho senior care can be difficult due to the state’s notorious winters, so layering is a necessity. Once your senior is layered and warm, head outside for some cardio workouts, such as a walk through the neighborhood. For a more comprehensive workout, encourage your loved ones to hold light dumbbells as they walk. 

Our Trained Caregivers Ensure Safe and Effective Workouts

We are confident that these five tips will help motivate your elderly loved ones to work out during the winter. For around-the-clock, professional senior care in Idaho, consider enlisting the senior care services of A Better Solution In Home Care

Our staff of nurses and caregivers are trained to care for those dearest to you and increase their quality of life. And with personalized, comprehensive care plans, you’ll know exactly what to expect when our team members arrive. 

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