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In Home Care Services vs. Assisted Living: Which is Right for Your Loved One?

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When it’s time for your loved one to receive professional care, the question “what comes next?” may arise. This decision often comes with stress, uncertainty, fear, or overwhelm. How do you decide on the best course of action for your loved one? A lot of time, care, and thought goes into this decision. With the proper support, knowledge, and information, you can choose an option that caters to your loved one’s unique needs. So what is the difference between assisted living and in-home services? Apart from the obvious, there are quite a few distinctions. In-home care services for seniors offer a sense of familiarity and freedom. On the other hand, assisted living provides a sense of community. Depending on your loved one’s needs, here’s how to assess every possible option.

Assisted Living and In-Home Care for Seniors: What’s The Difference?

It may be helpful to define both assisted living and in-home care. Generally speaking, assisted living facilities offer housing, community, health services, and general support to older adults. Assisted living is a sound option for elders unable to live safely independently. Assisted living facilities generally offer:

  • Housing
  • Social activities and community gatherings
  • Meal services
  • Housekeeping
  • Medication administration and management
  • Assistance with daily activities

As for in-home care, this service offers professional care in the comfort of someone’s home. Assistance with daily activities, companionship, transportation, and sometimes medical care is provided to elders who need extra support. In-home care typically includes:

  • Assistance with grooming, dressing, bathing, and toileting
  • Meal preparation
  • Nursing care
  • Transportation to and from appointments
  • Errand assistance
  • Medication administration and management

While both options serve their intended purposes, many struggles to land on the best possible option for their loved ones; both choices come with their benefits and challenges. 

Pros and Cons: In-Home Care Services

Some seniors may need in-home care after surgery, injury, or even just to improve their quality of life. In-home services help older adults maintain their sense of freedom and independence while also receiving the compassionate care they deserve. The benefits of home care include, but are not limited to:

  • A sense of familiarity, comfort, and ease for seniors in their own home
  • One-on-one care and companionship
  • Individualized care that caters to their unique needs
  • Help with activities of daily living
  • Relief for family members and loved ones, knowing they’re cared for and comfortable.

On the other hand, in-home care may not necessarily be for your loved one. This may be the case if your loved one:

  • Needs constant supervision and care (more than 4-5 hours)
  • Your loved one needs more structure or routine
  • Is seeking a sense of community
  • The cost of in-home care supersedes the cost of assisted living

Pros and Cons: Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities may also be the sigh of relief your family is searching for. Assisted Living is especially beneficial to seniors who can no longer safely live independently. Many seniors fear the thought of assisted living, associating it with abrupt change and disruption. However, Assisted Living can become a refuge for loved ones.

  • Can either be a short or long-term solution
  • Constant around-the-clock care
  • Amenities such as gyms, salons, movies, and social events
  • Can offer a sense of connection and community

Assisted living may not be the right choice if your loved one:

  • Quality of life is still high
  • Does not want to change locations abruptly
  • Doesn’t need constant care
  • The cost of assisted living supersedes in-home care

In-Home Care Services Near Me

No matter your next move, A Better Solution in Home Care is here to support you every step of the way. Our in-home care services for seniors are an easeful and comfortable option for older adults needing extra support. To learn more about our range of services, feel free to talk to one of our dedicated team members. Contact us at (877) 585-9011, and see how we can best serve you and your family.

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