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Is It Time for a Medication Reconciliation?

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See your doctor or pharmacist Saturday, Oct. 21 for National Check Your Meds Day

An annual medication review—or a “brown bag review”—is a good opportunity to make sure you’re taking the right medicines for your condition, and taking them correctly. Whether you’re taking one, two, or a dozen medications, having a comprehensive medication review with your pharmacist or doctor can help with identifying potential problems. It can also help your doctor remove medications you might no longer need.

If even one of the six questions below describes your drug regimen, make an appointment to see your doctor or pharmacist.

1. How many doctors prescribe your meds?
2. Do you also regularly take over-the-counter drugs or dietary supplements?
3. Do you take more than one drug to treat the same health problem, such as two drugs to treat depression?
4. Do you need a drug to control the side effects of another?
5. Have you been taking your medication for more than three months?
6. Do you struggle to pay for your meds?

A number of pharmacies—Albertsons, Costco, CVS, Sam’s Club, Target, Walmart, and many independents—have agreed to support the effort. Some may even have extra staff on hand to help you review your meds. Ask your local pharmacy if it is participating. Find a Pharmacy near you: https://www.rxlist.com/pharmacy/san-diego-ca_pharmacies.htm

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