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March Is National Social Work Month!!

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This year’s theme is “Social Workers: Generations Strong”

Social Work Month spotlights the positive impact of social workers over generations.  With a new decade beginning, the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) will help lead this year’s Social Work Month celebration in March with the theme “Social Workers: Generations Strong” to honor the positive contributions social workers have made to this nation over generations.

Whether newly in the profession or seasoned professional, social workers make a positive impact on society throughout their careers.

Younger social workers such as Erin Merryn and Rodney Smith are making tremendous strides. Merryn, 34, is pushing states to pass laws to educate children on how to avoid sexual abuse while Rodney Smith Jr., 29, travels nationwide urging youth to volunteer and help neighbors by doing activities such as cutting grass.

Seasoned social workers like Ruth A. Brandwein received an NASW Lifetime Achievement Award for her work advocating for children, the homeless, women and people of color.

We at A Better Solution are celebrate our own Medical Social Worker, and Franchise President, Kurt Buske, who reaches out to our clients in need and helps us better understand the psychological and social needs of our clients. Please give us a call (877)585-9011 if there is a celebration we can contribute to for the social worker(s) in your organization. We appreciate the working relationship we have with social workers as they help us understand our Clients and their families so we can give them the care they deserve.

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