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New Year, New You

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5 Steps For Success

Well its’ that time of year again; where we make those same promises to ourselves that we had made the year prior. If you’ve become as jaded as most of us, you may simply call them vague promises or “wishes.” Here are some tips from Tony Robbins on how to Jump Start your life and make good on your promises to yourself this new year.

1) Make sure it is Attainable

We cannot lose 30 pounds in two weeks just like we cannot be successful in a new career in one month. Make sure your goals are reasonable and reachable before you get started.

2) Direct your Focus

Focus on changing ONE thing at a time. Clear up your credit, losing 20 pounds, being a better wife and mother, saving money and getting a new job all at the same time is a receipt for disaster. Choose one important thing and direct all your attention and energy towards changing that thing. In doing so, you are much more likely to be successful.

3) Have a Plan

There is nothing worse that starting a diet with a fridge full of ice cream, starting a saving plan with no bank account or getting a new job without having a resume.  Sit down with your thoughts and research and write down the steps you want to take to achieve your goals. Put them on your bathroom mirror, talk about them with friends, hold yourself accountable to the plan.

4) Change your Standards

Make your changes your priority, make them a Must. Not just an “I should be a better daughter,” it’s an “I must visit my mom/dad twice a month/week,” or “I must develop a healthier lifestyle.” When we raise our standards, we change. We don’t accomplish what we should do, we accomplish what we MUST have. Our standards for ourselves must change before our behaviors and mindset can follow.

5) It is a Journey NOT a Destination

Take your time and stay focused on the goal. Follow your path for the long term not simply the short term. It is recommended that you find a strong story behind what you are changing to keep you motivated and moving forward when the going gets rough.

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From Our Family To Yours


A Better Solution wants to take the time to wish all of our clients, family members, caregivers, nurses, and referral sources a peaceful holiday season and a joyful beginning of the year 2020.

There are so many emotions that happen during the Holidays things can be stressful and overwhelming for us all. Many times, with the children and friends demanding a lot of attention, the Seniors in our lives can be pushed into the background. This is a perfect time to get a little more help around the house with a short-term Caregiver to help your loved one get out and have companionship during this busy time.

Our holiday edition has some fun activities for caregivers and family members that will help include their older loved ones into the Holiday Spirit. “Home care and hospice nurses, therapists, aides and other providers choose to use their lives to serve our country’s aged, disabled and dying. This noble work is deserving of our recognition and praise and we celebrate November as home care and hospice month for that very reason.” – NAHC President William A. Dombi

All over the Country every A Better Solution office will be honoring our Hospice Colleagues as well as our Home Care Partners all month, with our emphasis on Home Care Aide week where we celebrate those Caregivers who tirelessly care for Seniors all year long!

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