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Nursing Assistant’s Week: Assessing Home Care Options

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Your parents are getting older. You are so busy working from 9am to 5pm every single day to provide money to support your family. The decision is up to you now. Do you want to take care of them personally or do you want to get help from senior home care?

For sure, you have a lot of doubts about making a decision on whether to entrust your loved ones to professionals or not. You have questions in your mind: Will they really take care of my parents? What if they get too lonely or isolated?

We may think of these common pros and cons in letting senior home care take care of our loved ones.


  • Our parents will be taken care of 24/7. We will not stress out every single day about what medicines they need to drink or what food to eat. Nursing home staff are there to do the job for us.
  • They will make new friends. Yes, we can talk to them, but only as their family. In a senior care home, they will have the chance to talk to another person.


  • It will cost money. But spending your money on the people who spent their lives taking care of you is pretty fair, right? We would love to see our parents happy and would love to make them feel loved.
  • Doing your research can save your loved ones from the potential mistreatment that some bad reputation home care companies may inflict.  
  • They might feel limited. Staff will prevent them from potential activities that they may be used to doing. They restrict them to prevent them from being hurt, but your loved ones may not like this.


Aside from the pros and cons of nursing homes/senior home care, you should also decide what type of senior home care you should choose.

Companion Care

When your loved one is quite independent, you can hire an in-home caregiver to take care of them. This is safe and effective because everything happens at the comforts of their home. This care is non-medical and ensures the client’s safety and well being.

Personal Care

If your loved one needs assistance with daily activities of living, grooming, bathing, eating, mobility, incontinence care, and medication reminders, this is a great option.

Homemaker Services

This home care option will include professional staff that will assist with daily household chores like laundry, light cleaning, washing the dishes, etc. Clients are still being monitored but with fewer restrictions to make them feel satisfied.

Nursing Care (RN/LVN)

For medication administration, wound care, G-tube care, ostomy care, vent and trach care, complex medical needs, and rehabilitative care, having nursing care is a great option.

Transportation Services

For people needing assistance with getting to and from appointments, outings, shopping or errands, transportation services are an option for your loved one.

It’s now your time to decide which home care option is the best for your parents. You should check your budget, your plans, and the options of care you want for your loved ones.

If you have decided already to have home care, A Better Solution in Home Care is here for you. We offer a lot of services to help you take care of your loved ones with an affordable budget.

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