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Our Senior Care Services: 3 Things We Offer

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A Better Solution in Home Care has been in the senior care business for two decades.  With this kind of experience, we know how to meet your needs. Whatever those may be, from one-on-one personal care to finding a residential facility.  Also, every caregiver is carefully chosen for their ability to give the highest quality of care.  Our highly trained and professional staff can meet the needs of any senior at any time.  Here are three of the caregiving services in senior home care currently available.

Personal Care

Our personal care services are the most time and task intensive that A Better Solution in Home Care has to offer.  Each caregiver helps their clients with any personal tasks they may need assistance on throughout their everyday life.  Therefore, this includes things such as grooming, bathing, feeding, mobility, incontinence care, medication reminders, and transfers.  We know that it can be incredibly difficult for family members to provide this type of intensive, personal senior care.  It is also safer and better for the patient to have a trained professional provide these kinds of services.  That is why we partner with you and offer personal care to make sure your loved ones are kept happy and healthy as they age.

Companion Care

Companion care is for seniors who don’t need as much personal care, but still require another adult to be around for safety.  A Better Solution in Home Care knows that it can be stressful leaving a senior family member who lives alone, but it is also difficult to find someone who can stay with them all the time.  This is exactly what companion care is for.  A caregiver for this type of senior home care offers basic supervision and companionship to their client.  Therefore, if you have a loved one that lives alone and you worry that they get lonely or may fall and hurt themselves, consider companion care as a solution.

Homemaker Services

A Better Solution in Home Care offers services from the most intensive to a few relatively simple tasks.  This is where homemaker services come in.  If you know a senior citizen who is just beginning to struggle with some household jobs such as washing clothes, consider homemaker services.  A caregiver comes in to help with meal prep, light housekeeping, laundry, and other routine tasks.  You may not think to get senior care from an outside agency at this stage in your loved one’s life, but it can actually be incredibly beneficial.  Even having to assist an aging parent or relative just a few hours a week for an extended period of time can put unnecessary strain on a family.  Homemaker services from A Better Solution could be the answer.

Other Services

We offer personal care, companion care, and homemaker services. Also, A Better Solution in Home Care offers other services less specifically tied to caregiving.  These include

  •         Nursing care – medication administration, rehabilitative care, etc. is offered at some of our locations. Not all of our locations currently offer this service, so inquire with us directly for more information. 
  •         Care management – coordinate care, educate about senior home care, quality assurance visits, etc.
  •         Transportation services – transit to appointments, errands, shopping, etc.
  •         Aftercare services – transportation, medical care, meal prep, and other personal care after an accident or injury
  •         Placement services – assistance for placing someone in residential senior care
  •         Registry/ facility staffing – provides caregivers for understaffed senior care facilities

To learn more about the services A Better Solution in Home Care provides as well as additional information such as locations and careers, visit them online or call +1 (877) 585-9011. 

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