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Pasadena Residents: How to Improve Home Safety for Seniors

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Making sure seniors are safe at home is essential. Our elder loved ones can be especially prone to falls, illness, and a series of other risks. And that is why senior safety should be a top priority. One of the best ways to ensure senior safety is to consider home care. A professional caregiver can help families improve safety protocols and provide a safer environment for seniors. A Better Solution in Home Care offers senior care in Pasadena, and can help families get the resources they need. Here are a few ways to ensure better home safety for your senior loved ones. 

Senior Safety is All About Preventing Falls

Falls are one of the biggest risks for seniors living at home. And the consequences can be extremely serious. From broken bones to surgery and permanent disability, falls can take a severe toll. Non-slip shoes and bathroom grab bars can only do so much. A home caregiver can personally assist seniors in daily activities such as walking, bathing, getting out of bed, and answering the door and telephone. This can help seniors avoid falling due to rushing while walking unassisted. 

Increase Senior Safety by Decreasing Fire Risk

Fire can impose serious consequences. Some seniors are bedridden or unable to move at a quick pace. Also, activities like cooking increase the risk of a fire, especially if your loved one is forgetful or has dementia. In the event of a fire, your loved one could suffer serious injury or death. However, fires can be prevented. Senior care  at home is a great way to help avoid a house fire. For example, a professional caregiver can lower the risk by checking space heaters, smoke detectors, and preparing meals. They will also be able to deploy a fire extinguisher more efficiently than would a senior alone. 

Don’t Forget About the Hazards!

Often, common household items can become poisonous or create a hazard. A home caregiver can help seniors take the proper dose of their medications. This is especially important if your senior loved one has poor eyesight or is experiencing memory impairment. Also, loose or strewn cable wires or telephone cords can cause seniors to trip. Home caregivers can check vulnerable areas and ensure the home is free of hazards and other potential risks. 

Clean House, Safe House!

Clutter can also create a risk for both fire and falls. Often, seniors are unable to do house cleaning themselves. Home care can provide this assistance and help your loved one avoid the consequences of clutter. Also, some seniors might attempt to remove debris or clutter or take out the garbage themselves. This can potentially result in tripping or falling, especially if they are wheelchair-bound or unsteady on their feet. Home caregivers can perform house cleaning and other related tasks, providing help as necessary. 

If you need Pasadena home care for your elderly loved one, A Better Solution in Home Care can help. Many elderly are not able to live completely independent lives. But that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the comforts of living at home. One of the best ways to ensure their safety is with the help of a caregiver. When seniors live alone, the risk of suffering an accident increases. And because home is where they spend most of their time, it is imperative they have assistance when they need it. Visit our website or call (877) 585-9011 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our caring representatives are ready to help you keep your senior loved one safer at home. 

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