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Q & A With Tina Adams-Carter

Name:  Tina Adams-Carter
Title: Director of Placement Services
Business: A Better Solution In Home Care
Phone Number: 619-750-4341


What services does A Better Solution In Home Care offer? Caregiving Services (Personal Care, Companion Care Homemaker Services), Nursing Care (RN/LVN), Care Management, Transportation Services, After Care Services (recovering from surgery or injury etc), Placement Services (matching you or your loved one with the best senior housing environment).

And what is your role in the company? As Director of Placement Services, I take a lot of pride in hand-holding my clients and giving them the opportunity to really get to know the senior communities they may call home. There are no rushed visits, we might go for lunch and then spend 2-3 hours meeting staff one day and then go back and tour again another. People are often understandably scared during this process and I like to provide a reassuring presence so they can take their time and feel comfortable about transitioning into their new life.

It must feel good when you match the right person with the right community? Oh yes! I recently had a client who was 100 years old, still living independently and her greatest concern was feeling restricted or limited, but now she is in this great studio with a patio and she has all her meals cooked for her. Being 100, she had out-lived all her friends but now she has made so many new ones and is just so happy!

It sounds like you have found your calling! I love it! If you had said 30 years ago that this would be my passion, I would not have seen it coming! I worked in retail and as a loan closer but then I had an accident and I was re-evaluating my career. My family was dealing with the loss of loved ones, including my grandmother and aunt, and those experiences took me in a different direction.

The cost of senior living communities seems intimidating and prohibitive for many. It can be, not everyone has $15-20,000 to spend a month on care. Of course there are some wonderful places in that price range but I have come to know the people at the $3,000 and under price point and they are so warm and caring, I know that they will be in such good hands.

How many years has A Better Solution In Home Care been serving seniors?  20 years. It was started by our CEO Lia Smith.

Would you like to share your A Better Solution’s core values? Yes, they are: Integrity, Compassion, Communication, Dedication, Respect, Commitment, Service and Honesty.

Do you offer any specials? We offer 20% off for first time clients to be used to for home care. We also offer FREE Placement Services – helping families discover the best senior housing environment to meet their loved one’s medical, social, spiritual and financial needs. This includes help with negotiating rates and fees. We assign a Dedicated Care Manager to support you throughout the process, as I detailed above.

Any aspect of your business you would like to highlight to Chamber members? We have an informative blog with posts that could answer questions you might have like, Senior Home Care: What Does It Really Cost? Coronavirus: How To Help The Elderly Stay Connected With Loved Ones and Carer Guilt: What It Is & How To Manage It.


Would you like to introduce us to your family? I have two daughters. The 25-year-old has just graduated as a RN, the 16 year-old loves sports, especially water polo. All three of us share a quirky sense of humor!

Do you have any pets? We are a family of dog-lovers. I actually ran a pet care business for five years. We used to have Golden Retrievers but now our love is a Husky named Nala.

Do you have any special hobbies or interests? Writing Children’s Books! I have written a series called The Precious Opals with characters with names like Mrs Rose Quartz and a school named Diamond Hill Elementary! The stories are for kindergarteners and are available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble. The main theme is kindness.

If you would like to contact Tina directly to discuss your senior community placement needs, please dial 619-750-4341.


Source: Coronado Chamber of Commerce

Original article can be found here: Q & A Tina Adams-Carter