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caregiver providing senior home care to old lady during the COVID pandemic

Scottsdale Residents: Why Caregivers Are Vital for Seniors During COVID

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Covid-19 has affected the lives of everyone in the world in one way or another. The Scottsdale, Arizona, area continues to have record high positive cases, mask requirements, and quarantines. Many seniors are at extremely high risk because of underlying conditions. 

Having a home caregiver come to you greatly reduces your chances of exposure and provides you with needed care. Our caregivers are all well trained in COVID-19 and will be thoroughly prepared when coming to your home. Our experts in the home caregivers field want to share some information to help you make an informed decision if you are wondering about this option for you or a loved one.

Convenience: How Caregivers Can Assist Seniors During COVID

Many of our clients enjoy having our highly trained caregivers check on them once a week, once a month, or as the doctor ordered. Depending on your needs, we can do a wide range of things to help you. We assist with items as simple as bathing and dressing to more involved tasks such as post-surgical wound care. We can provide transportation to your physician’s office or test sites.


Having a caregiver checking on you is invaluable. Caregivers are trained to recognize the severity of symptoms that others might overlook. Some seniors are hesitant to mention new issues to their doctors because they feel like they already have too many problems. Our staff can provide a valuable service by working with the healthcare system of senior care in Scottsdale.


Some of our clients are married couples who just can’t perform the tasks they need to anymore, and we gladly come in and help with those tasks. Other clients are singles who do not have anyone living with them. Our caregivers give them some company. They can come and do light housekeeping, prepare a nice meal in duplicate so one meal can be frozen, review your meds, and make sure you have everything you need until the next visit. Our caregivers can also chat with you about current events or listen to your life stories. 


Due to the coronavirus, home invasions and robberies are down. Unfortunately, that statistic does not seem to hold true for seniors. Our caregivers will check your doors and windows. We will do our best to ensure that you are as safe as possible. If there any specific security issues, they will bring them to your attention so you can consider making changes to improve your security.


If and when the time comes that you are unable to remain at home and feel it is best to move to a Scottsdale senior care facility, we will help you and your loved ones find the best facility for you. A Better Solution in Home Care will assist you in transportation and tours of the facilities free of charge. We hate to lose you, especially when you and your caregiver have established a friendly relationship. But we always put our clients first and do what is best for you.

These are a few important issues to consider as you and your loved ones discuss your options when you need some assistance. Maybe you are not ready to go into an assisted living facility. Maybe you love your home and want to stay there. If  “Caregivers near me” is one of your main requirements, view A Better Solution in Home Care. We have a facility in Scottsdale, but if you choose to relocate to be near family, we have numerous sites throughout the country. We would love to have you visit our site and see if any of our locations will work for you.

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