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The Senior Care Business is Growing, Here’s What to Consider Before Buying

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The Senior Care Business is the fastest growing business worldwide. Our experts at A Better Solution in Home Care have spent years working on the franchise business side of home care. We have franchises all across the USA. We recommend you consider these points before deciding on your opportunity.

Is this a quality Senior Care Franchise?

You do not want to invest in a franchise that does not have a proven track record of providing quality care. There are many types of services that must be considered when providing home care. Be sure any organization you work with provides these services for the clients:

  • Caregiving Services – The caregiver needs to provide specific services for individual needs.
  • Nursing Services – Your company may need to provide nursing care for some clients. It may be ongoing care or post-operative wound care.
  • Transportation Services – The client may need a ride to the doctor or pharmacy, or may want to just get out of the house.
  • Care Management – Establish case management plans and have a manager oversee them. This oversight guarantees that the client receives the very best care as determined by a team.
  • Placement Services – The client may need assistance if they become unable to stay at home. Going through this difficult transition with people they know and trust is a comfort.

Requirements for Caregiving Services

To ensure the success of your senior home care franchise, you need to go above and beyond. There are specific requirements that fall under the Caregiving Services heading. Each of the in home staff members must provide the following:

  1. Personal Care – the caregiver must meet the individual client’s needs. These may include medication assistance, cooking, light cleaning, and bathing. 
  2. Companion Care – the caregiver must be able to relate to the client and want to help them. If that doesn’t happen with the first caregiver, be prepared to assign another.
  3. Psychosocial Care – Many clients struggle with being home-bound. They are unable to perform tasks that they have always done. This change can be difficult for some clients and their families. The caregiver needs to listen and talk to the client and be empathetic. They do not need to render actual counseling, only listen. If they feel the client needs help, the caregiver should take the proper steps to recommend counseling. They also need to be an intermediary with the family and medical professionals.
  4. Reliability – The caregiver must be reliable and trustworthy. They need to be on time and efficient. Seniors, especially, tend to be very time-focused and get upset when things are not done timely. Your caregivers should be certified, or licensed in their field, and bonded.

ABSIHC – For Business and Beyond

Franchise businesses should offer you certain things too. At A Better Solution in Home Care, we bring you to California for a three- to four-week intensive training. You will be assigned a coach to assist you in finding your marketing voice and goals. We teach you how to set up, find a location, recruit staff, and handle accounting. Then we take you out for field work to some of our franchise businesses and on-site training with some home care workers. After the training, we are still at your side as you launch your senior care franchise.

Your coach comes out to your site to help you. Our support continues with monthly leadership meetings and a library of training webinars. No matter how thorough the training and support, you will encounter problems. We are only a phone call or a login away to help you work through it. A senior home care franchise may be just the business you have been looking for. Call us at (877) 585-9011 or Start a Franchise here.

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