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Senior Home Care Can Improve Senior’s Life Quality in Orange County

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As we age, the quality of our life starts to decrease for many people. It becomes clearer that life is not about quantity, but quality. 

Unfortunately chronic physical and mental conditions make it harder for some seniors to have a fulfilling lifestyle, especially if any of these conditions are left unattended. 

Keep reading to know how home care services for seniors can improve the quality of life of your loved ones. 

Senior Home Care Can Prevent or Decrease Loneliness 

According to reports by the CDC, isolation increases about a 50% risk of getting dementia. Loneliness is also associated with a higher risk of developing depression and anxiety. 

Here is how caregivers help seniors to avoid feeling lonely:

  • Provide company to seniors
  • Encourage seniors to interact with other members of their community; for example, encouraging seniors to attend church
  • Facilitate communication between seniors and family members’ for example, caregivers can arrange visits or phone calls from friends or family
  • Arrange transportation for seniors to visit their friends or family and to attend events  such as  birthdays and holidays

Senior Home Care Caregivers Can Recognize Signs of Depression 

Older adults often have chronic physical illnesses that affect their health and motor skills. Unfortunately, these illnesses often put seniors at higher risk for experiencing depression. 

Through senior home health care services, caregivers can help seniors with depression by:

  • Recognizing symptoms of depression
  • Arranging medical visits to ensure the wellbeing of their overall physical state, as aches or pain without a clear cause may be a symptom of depression
  • Arranging therapy or counseling sessions for seniors
  • Notifying family members about the condition of the senior

Help Seniors to Feel Safe and Comfortable

One of the main purposes of home care senior care agencies is to offer comfort and security to seniors. 

Caregivers’ responsibilities that help seniors feel safe and comfortable include:

  • Assist with hygiene. Personal grooming and hygiene require sharp motor skills. Hence, these activities can result in accidents. For example, imagine how dangerous it can be for seniors if they slip in the bathtub. 
  • Help seniors to navigate through their homes ,  if necessary.
  • Assist seniors with light housekeeping chores and cooking.

Help Seniors to Retain Independence

In contrast to seniors in nursing centers, seniors at home retain their independence. Likewise, at home, seniors can decide which activities they want to participate in. Plus, they don’t need to rely on others to do everything for them. 

The purpose of senior home care services is to help seniors continue to lead a life within their community as well as to provide assistance when seniors need it. 

Help Seniors to Maintain a Healthy Diet

Nutrition is essential to maintain good health. Unfortunately, due to the decline of physical health, malnutrition is common in seniors. 

A caregiver can help seniors to meet their nutritional needs by:

  • Helping seniors to cook healthy meals and assist them with grocery shopping.
  • Arrange visits to the dentist, make sure their dental health is not preventing them from eating healthy foods and, if necessary, help seniors to implement soft foods in their diet.
  • Arrange medical visits if the senior’s appetite decreases. Loss of appetite can be a sign of mental and physical issues such as digestive issues   and depression. 

Provide Medication Reminders to Seniors

Seniors often have chronic illnesses that require them to take medication. Unfortunately, memory flaws tend to worsen as we age. Therefore, it is very helpful to have someone around to give medication reminders to seniors. 

Are you looking for Orange County senior care services? A Better Solution in Home Care can help! You can find further information about our services on our website. Also, feel welcomed to ring us at 1-714-964-3834. 

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