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Senior Home Care in Fresno CA: How to Set Expectations for a Caregiver

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Inviting somebody to care for your loved one can be challenging. You want to find the perfect fit for your family. A caregiver needs to be somebody you can trust completely. There are a few factors that make a caregiver exceptional, and these go beyond their caregiver duties. Here’s how you can make the best choice for senior care in Fresno. 

Admit You Need Help 

Coming to terms that your loved one needs a caregiver can often be the most difficult part of the process. Caregivers are assigned to assist those who need help performing everyday tasks because of age, disability, or chronic illness. They assist with many different tasks. Caregiver duties include:

  • addressing medical needs
  • running errands such as grocery shopping
  • filling prescriptions, attaining medicine
  • ensuring their patient receives the assistance they need 

Duties of a Caregiver 

To address medical needs, a caregiver must have a full understanding of a patient’s condition and why they need the assistance of a caregiver. In most cases, a caregiver will have to assist with a patient’s basic needs because their memory, reflexes, and mobility aren’t what they used to be. 

Additionally, a care plan is personalized to each patient’s needs. The care plan will include details such as how many hours a day a patient needs the services of a caregiver and if any additional medical expertise is necessary. Once the care plan is created, it needs to be regulated to ensure that any changes to the patient’s needs are accounted for.

Sometimes a patient must visit a doctor or other medical expert. The caregiver should provide transportation. A caregiver can usually equip their patient with adequate senior transportation that will specifically suit their needs. Getting the patient to and from the vehicle is also often the duty of the caregiver since many patients need help walking or standing. 

The other main duty of a caregiver is to provide companionship and make sure their patient is emotionally strong. When choosing a caregiver, you need to find somebody who makes a strong connection with you and your loved one. Having a caregiver can be a stressful time for a senior. The caregiver should not make this difficult period of their lives any more challenging by trying to force connection or being grumpy or distant. A caregiver spends a significant amount of time with their patient, so they need to make their patient’s life less stressful, not more. 

Need Senior Care in Fresno?

Your expectations for a caregiver should be to find somebody who is naturally caring, comforting, and professional. This person also needs to be able to perform the duties of a caregiver to the highest degree. 

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