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Setting a Routine for Seniors: 5 Tips From Caregivers in NE Virginia

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The future is full of uncertainties, and it’s common to fear the unknown. Unfortunately, our senior loved ones are more prone to these fears. They often get caught in the belief that they have less control over particular elements of their lives. The main reason behind this belief is either due to loss of physical or cognitive function or illness. It’s important to give our loved ones the ability to feel in control, and we can do this by creating routines.

Routines are a regularly followed sequence of action. By having a routine, our loved ones can remove the perception of uncertainty, making their days feel more predictable and controlled. In addition, routines help reduce stress, anxiety, and improve sleep due to feelings of accomplishment, ultimately leading to a healthier life. Here are 5 tips from caregivers for those looking to create a senior home care routine.

Map Out Fundamentals

There are activities that every person participates in, fundamentals, which include events that happen daily, even without a routine. Fundamental events include waking up, going to sleep, eating meals, taking a shower, and various other activities. It’s crucial to map out these occurrences before planning a routine. Caregivers do this by watching the seniors, noting their natural inclinations, and using these notes to create a reliable routine that follows the senior’s schedule.

Pay Attention to Habits

Speaking of natural inclinations, before setting up a routine, pay attention to their natural habits. Take the time to watch the senior for other nonfundamental events and consider them. Note down the hours they appear restless and need motion, their bathroom habits, and how often they doze off or feel tired. Ignoring these small details can create a brick wall between the routine and the senior’s internal clock. This could cause complications with continuing the routine, or give the senior uneasiness and a lower sensation of control over their day.

Include Personal Interests

For those not used to following a schedule, following a regime can be challenging. To relieve our senior loved ones of any difficulties they might have following a routine, include activities that naturally interest them. These activities could include puzzles, taking a stroll, or eating a specific desert. Incorporating these natural interests not only makes following the routine easier but also gives the seniors something to look forward to throughout the day.

Routines Aren’t Final

At the end of the day, a routine is not a strict schedule that seniors must adhere to. Instead, a routine is implemented to help manage and maintain a loved one’s habits and necessities. Likewise, a routine should offer a sense of control for seniors. It’s often a list of recommendations to help direct them throughout the day and create a foundation of predictability—to reduce their fear of the uncertain.

Set Up a Daily Plan

When it comes time to create a daily routine, always consider the aforementioned details. It’s best to try and incorporate as many activities as possible, without overloading the senior’s schedule. This includes incorporating the fundamental events, while also including personal hobbies and leaving room for leeway. Including these interests and working with the senior’s internal clock will allow them to grow more comfortable with the routine. As a result, seniors will engage with their routines more easily. Following these tips will make setting up a VA senior care routine simple.

A Better Solution Can Help Maintain Routines

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