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Spotlight: Senior Placement

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Seniors who live by themselves and want to remain independent, being alone is not a great option due to a variety of reasons such as: household maintenance, cooking and other issues that require mobility. “Placement” into a Senior Community is a viable option for those that can afford it and who qualify.  Senior Communities have grown and are beautifully designed to encompass all aspects of Senior Living and Socialization.  Studies show that seniors with an active social life live 5-10 years longer than those who remain isolated at home. Like real estate agents, placement coordinators help you navigate and narrow down your choices. Here are some tips every senior and family member should know when looking at communities.

  • Make sure the price is ALL inclusive. Low “Introductory” costs can sometimes go up after moving in.
  • What is included? Many Communities have a “Point System” that drives up pricing (i.e. medication assistance, laundry, shower assistance, etc.)
  • Is Transportation included? Many Communities will take you 10 miles for free.
  • Can I stay here with home care if needed? Many Communities do not allow private home care, meaning if your health condition changes you will have to move.
  • What activities are provided?
  • How long is the rent controlled? (many Communities raise the rent every year) try to lock in a 5-year rate and a limited increase.

Senior communities are great options if you are informed and make a good choice. Call our office for placement assistance to navigate your way through the process, and help you narrow down choices in your area.

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