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States Raising Minimum Wage in 2019 and 2020

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Employee Management Blogger June 4, 2019 Latest News,

Over 58% of the US workforce is paid hourly wages and about 2.3% of those workers are making the federal minimum wage or less. This makes minimum wage increases a pivotal issue for many workers and businesses. Our hourly workforce management experts explore the states increasing minimum wage this year. Many states are on the way to $15 hourly minimum wage, with 2019 serving as an intermediate year to gradually roll out new pay schedules. Here are states raising minimum wage for hourly workers

2019 Minimum Wage Increases by State

This year, 21 states have been working to raise the minimum wage for hourly employees. States where workers will see an increase on their paycheck include:

  • New York, $0.70 increase to $11.10
  • Washington State, $0.50 increase to $12.00
  • District of Columbia, $0.75 increase to $14.00
  • South Dakota, $0.25 increase to $9.10
  • Florida, $0.21 increase to $8.46
  • Arizona, $0.50 increase to $11.00

States with the highest minimum wage for hourly workers include California, Oregon, Maine, Colorado, District of Columbia and Arizona.

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