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A nurse offers an elderly woman food.

Caring for Elderly Parents: What You Need to Know

It’s never easy when the time comes to swap roles with your parents or elderly family members and become the caregiver. On the plus side, there is an abundance of resources and organizations available to make caring for elderly parents as seamless and comfortable as possible for both you and your loved ones. Is It the Right Time? The first thing you may ask yourself is: How will you know when it is time to seek additional care for your parents? At what point do they need someone to help them get by on an average day? The activities of

07,05,2019 Comments Off on Caring for Elderly Parents: What You Need to Know

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A young woman helps care for an elderly woman.

Why More Are Seeking Senior Home Care

A big question for families looking into elderly care? It's whether or not home care is the best option for their loved ones. Some prefer to go with the more well-known facilities such as nursing homes and retirement communities. However, there are definite benefits to senior home care which shouldn’t be overlooked. Every year, senior home care becomes more and more popular among the elderly community. This may not be the best option for everyone. But the reasons for its growing popularity are numerous. Why Senior Home Care? A Familiar Environment It can be difficult, and often quite distressing for

07,01,2019 Comments Off on Why More Are Seeking Senior Home Care

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10 Tips for Stopping Elder Abuse

Elder abuse takes many forms. Common scenarios include physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, as well as financial exploitation; and neglect.  Abuse can take place anywhere from the individual’s home to long-term care facilities. Unfortunately, abuse often comes from the elderly's own children. However, this never excludes in-home caregivers and nurses. (more…)

07,25,2019 Comments Off on 10 Tips for Stopping Elder Abuse

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