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senior woman in garden being helped by nurse

How To Create a Better Assisted Living Home Care Lifestyle For Ease and Strength

We all hope for the healthiest lifestyle possible for our loved ones. When it comes to getting older, there are a lot of different methods of creating more ease. Despite the aches, aging with wisdom can truly be a beautiful journey, especially with so many modern ways to maneuver through hardships. If you’re wondering about how to participate in the creation of a healthier lifestyle for your favorite seniors in assisted living home care, you’ll find some great tips here! Simple Home Care Lifestyle Improvements Keep the fridge stocked with alkaline water or any favorite snacks When everything is easily

04,25,2022 Comments Off on How To Create a Better Assisted Living Home Care Lifestyle For Ease and Strength

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Congratulations Gus and Amy for Best of Brand!

A Better Solution Franchise System has grown in many ways, but one way we celebrate our partners on a personal and professional level is through our Franchise Partner Awards. ABS’s President Kurt Buske presents Gus Torres, Owner of the A Better Solution In Home Care franchise in Wichita, Kansas, with their 5th annual Best of Brand Award for outstanding achievement and contribution to the ABS brand during 2020. Gus and Amy Torres were able to grow their agency by 60% during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is a huge achievement and testament to their commitment to service excellence and exceptional reputation

04,18,2021 Comments Off on Congratulations Gus and Amy for Best of Brand!

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senior home care services provided by a young lady to a senior woman

Sugar Land Residents: Five Ways to Afford Senior Home Care Services

As the COVID-19 pandemic conditions continue to spread, many seniors are hesitant to enter long term care facilities. Many seniors do not want to leave their homes. Senior home care services are a wonderful answer for many. Visit our website A Better Solution - Sugarland to see all of the services available for home care in Sugarland, TX. This article will answer some of the questions you might have regarding paying for these services. Will government plans pay for senior home care? Medicare only pays for home care services following surgery or rehabilitation.  To receive Medicare coverage, you must be

01,12,2021 Comments Off on Sugar Land Residents: Five Ways to Afford Senior Home Care Services

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A Better Solution January Focus

Certified Nursing Courses in San Diego A Better Solution has opened our first “30-day CNA” accredited Certification Program in San Diego for students to become CNA’s further developing their career in Nursing. This allows individuals the opportunity to obtain positions in Skilled Nursing Facilities and Hospitals, providing our clients a higher level of care.  A Better Solution understands the commitment to the community when owning a Senior Care Agency and understands the importance of providing a space where those who work hard to make sure that our clients are cared for is crucial for our client’s quality of life. A

01,10,2020 Comments Off on A Better Solution January Focus

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5 Winter Activities for Seniors

Finding senior-friendly activities is especially challenging when the weather has been cold and harsh for months. We love these winter activities for seniors from Vive Health  which share 5 Winter activities for seniors that are sure to warmth everyone’s day. Are you on the lookout for ideas to keep your older adult active during these cold, wintry months? Depending on their mobility and health condition, the idea of staying active during months of snow, ice and cold weather can seem daunting. Fear not, there are loads of creative, safe and impactful senior activities they’ll love that will warm their heart

01,10,2020 Comments Off on 5 Winter Activities for Seniors

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