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Female nurse talking to an elderly male patient.

Nursing Assistant’s Week: Assessing Home Care Options

Your parents are getting older. You are so busy working from 9am to 5pm every single day to provide money to support your family. The decision is up to you now. Do you want to take care of them personally or do you want to get help from senior home care? For sure, you have a lot of doubts about making a decision on whether to entrust your loved ones to professionals or not. You have questions in your mind: Will they really take care of my parents? What if they get too lonely or isolated? We may think of these

07,03,2019 Comments Off on Nursing Assistant’s Week: Assessing Home Care Options

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Senior care requires a few extra steps during travel, but there are solutions.

Traveling With Seniors & Creating Cool Zones

Traveling procedures can be a hazard for the average person, but increases challenges for senior care. Nonetheless, it is possible without falling victim to stress. Nowadays, traveling facilities are more inclusive towards the needs of older travelers, aiming to provide a pleasant experience for  passengers overall. In order to have a rewarding trip, here are some tips when traveling with seniors:  Health Conditions or Disabilities  It is important to be realistic about the limitations of a senior traveling. Whether if it is their physical or mental state (i.e. heart condition or Alzheimer ), it must not be taken for granted.  Plan

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