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The Importance of Needs Assessments in Senior Care

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The start to a productive care-giving relationship begins with a comprehensive needs assessment. We use the assessment to decide how we will start in-home care and what specific requirements they have. The information learned at this stage is particularly useful for matching the correct level of care to the senior so that initial care is properly aligned. The team at A Better Solution Home Care & Nursing will also use this stage to coordinate information with doctors and learn of any pertinent health factors.

In many states a Needs Assessment is required for coverage by health insurance; however, it is also important for the patient themselves to receive appropriate care. We invite senior’s and their loved ones to ask us questions regarding our approach and about the intentions of our decisions. When the family is involved in making decisions, we make a strong effort to comply with their wishes as possible by the underlying situation.

Physical Health

Evaluating a senior’s physical health may determine if advanced care is required, especially when they are immobile or bedbound. Health complications demand special check ups and attention to vitals. Chronic conditions will also be discussed and can shape the overall application of nursing care.

Mental Health

Assessing a senior’s cognitive abilities and overall mental health is important for understanding their overall health. It is not always easy to figure out what’s going on, and this becomes especially true when patients cannot describe or communicate their challenges as they get older. Confusion and intrusive thoughts are a sign that regular care may be necessary.

Regular Assessments

We regularly conduct Needs Assessments as a part of continuing our care. Changes in a person’s health occur rapidly and complications can happen without notice, healthcare is a continuous process! Depending on communication flexibility and terms we keep family members informed of what’s going on and the condition of their loved ones. These follow-up assessments are useful for adjusting future plans of care.

Environment Safety

The initial senior-care Needs Assessment also relates to the senior’s surroundings. We pay special attention to potential obstacles and anything that could potentially hurt or disable someone. Seniors should be limited to safe and easily navigable areas of their home to prevent injury. Falls are especially dangerous for seniors in fragile state, though they can be avoided with smart choices.

Care Planning

The scope of our Needs Assessment includes what we need to understand in order to create a plan of care, the specific approach we intend on applying to maximizing the senior’s care and health. This plan considers various Doctors, Physical Therapists, and acquaintances who are to be involved in making in-home care possible. Individualized care is organized by the specific needs of a senior and the plan will include goals and associated medical orders.

A Better Solution Home Care & Nursing’s approach to care planning not only considers the various levels of care available, but also the aspects of a patient’s life which can be impacted. For additional information regarding our in-home or facility care, please give us a call at 1-877-585-9011. We look forward to hearing from you!

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