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Senior care requires a few extra steps during travel, but there are solutions.

Traveling With Seniors & Creating Cool Zones

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Traveling procedures can be a hazard for the average person, but increases challenges for senior care. Nonetheless, it is possible without falling victim to stress.

Nowadays, traveling facilities are more inclusive towards the needs of older travelers, aiming to provide a pleasant experience for  passengers overall. In order to have a rewarding trip, here are some tips when traveling with seniors: 

Health Conditions or Disabilities 

It is important to be realistic about the limitations of a senior traveling. Whether if it is their physical or mental state (i.e. heart condition or Alzheimer ), it must not be taken for granted. 

Plan beforehand a trip mindful of those boundaries. Consult with doctors if their condition allows them to travel, and if there are any extra medications to be taken. They will provide you with instructions on how to manage potential issues during the traveling journey. 

Up-to-Date Medical Charts

A new environment comes with all sorts of exposure potential, especially in airports. Following a regular check-up with the doctor, make sure their vaccination chart is updated. Some countries may require specific vaccines to allow you before entry. Do remember, children and older adults are the most vulnerable with respect to their immune system. 

Taking Extra Precautions

Because better safe than sorry. Injuries can be easily prevented with the right precautions. For senior travel care, consider basic pinpoints like: 

  • Arriving with anticipation. It’s unpleasant for everyone to be rushing to the counter. 
  • Follow the security measurements. Always wear a seat belt, listen to the flight attendants. 
  • Book your flight to arrive at your destination in daylight hours. Avoid traveling by night to your hotel. 

Airport Assistance

Airport staff facilitates assistance to older passengers. Senior travelers can request assistance from the moment they arrive at the airport until they leave. A  wheelchair or any other support services can be provided. To make it easier, airports have enhanced their security policies:

  • Passengers with 75 years and up are not requested to remove their shoes at the security line procedure. 
  • If the senior traveler disposes of a wheelchair or a pacemaker, they will be offered an alternative from the screening process. 

Beating the Heat 

Dehydration is a common (but dangerous) condition among older adults. It can cause symptoms like dizziness, fever, vomiting, or diarrhea. In the long run, it can cause a need for hospitalization. 

These days, private airport lounges exist at very affordable prices; they are exceptionally comfortable, including comfortable furniture, A.C., and restaurant-quality meals. 

Once you arrive at the destination, avoid exposing them to high heat waves, since it can result in heat exhaustion or worse. Continue to look for cool zones to shelter like libraries, indoor museums, senior centers among other recreational places. 

Have a Look at A Better Solution In Home Care 

Traveling with seniors might seem intimidating, but with the right measurements, you can make a memorable trip for all involved. 

At A Better Solution In Home Care, beyond our personal caregiver and nursing services, you can take advantage of our transportation services. Our senior focus prioritizes their specific needs, with vehicles that are safe and adapt to any physical disability.

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