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Understanding the Different Types of in Home Care Services

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Many people think that “In Home Care Services” is having someone sit with the elderly all day. That may be how some people do it, but not at A Better Solution for Home Care. We offer a variety of In Home care services that our caregivers can do for your loved ones.

In Home Care Services

ABS Personal Care Assistants also help with bathing, grooming, dressing, and incontinence care. They will also help with light cleaning, cooking, and feeding. The Care Assistant will read the newspaper or a book to your elderly parent. They will be sure the medication schedule is properly followed. They might even know or be willing to learn checkers, chess, or another game. If the patient has an exercise routine, the care assistant will also make sure that is done. Our Assistants develop relationships with their patients. We want them to know they are safe and cared for.

Nursing for In Home Care

Check your location for nursing care at home. We have RNs, LVNs, and LPNs that can come to homes in certain areas. They can also care for other complex medical issues. The nurses can give medicine through injections and IVs.

Care Management for Senior Home Care Services

At A Better Solution in Home Care, we have Care Managers that oversee our client care. They help coordinate the client’s care with other providers when needed. They perform quality assurance visits to the client’s homes. They work with numerous senior organizations through the Wraparound Care Management program. Our caregivers, programs, and providers work together with our Care Managers. This co-ordination ensures that our in home clients are receiving the very best care.

Transportation Services

Many of our Personal Care Assistants are also part of our Transportation Crew. They are glad to run errands for your elderly loved one or take them out to eat. Having transportation services means a great deal to some of our seniors. Many of our seniors can no longer drive themselves due to vision or physical reasons. If the PCA does not do  transportation, there are some drivers that are not Care Assistants and only drive. Men want to go to the store, community meetings, or card games with their buddies. The ladies love to go to the beauty shop, go shopping, or just for a walk around the mall. The smile on the client’s face shows how much it means to them. 

After Care Services for In Home Recovery Care

If your senior needs some help after surgery or an injury, we offer After Care Services. This arrangement is not permanent or long-term senior home care, only some assistance during recovery. All the Personal Care Assistant In Home care services are included. They also include transportation to and from your surgery site. They will also take your senior to and from follow-ups to their provider. They will help with communications between the patient and provider, if needed. These assistants are well-trained in wound care and rehabilitation. They are very caring and compassionate.

Placement Services

There may come a time when your elderly or loved one can no longer stay in their home for medical or safety reasons. We will still be there for you. A Better Solution in Home Care provides Placement Services free of charge. Our senior In Home care clients can use this service when they must move. Your Care Manager will discuss the options for the facilities available in your area. They will help you understand the rates and fees and if they are negotiable. We will also help with the facility tours. Even when you have to leave us, we are still taking care of you.

Contact A Better Solution in Home Care or Call (877) 585-9011. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff would love to discuss the services we offer.

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