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Month: October 2017


Keeping Seniors Safe during Fires or Natural Disasters

The recent California wildfires caused many to lose their homes and in some instances their lives. With a need for quick evacuations and emergency preparedness, a lot of our seniors can get lost in the shuffle. San Diego, Poway, Ramona, Jamul, and many other areas will be under the threat of fire over the next several weeks. Making sure you or a loved one can quickly leave their home in the case of an emergency is paramount to keeping them safe. Here are some tips and considerations: If you don't have a caregiver in the home, make sure that during

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Holiday Season Senior Care Tips

The holiday season is just around the corner, what an exciting time of year! Many seniors look forward to spending time with friends and reconnecting with family. Surprisingly, the number of elderly travelers between November and December increases significantly as seniors make short and long-distance trips to engage with others. In this brief article we'll offer up some tips you may use to help care for your loved ones. Show CompassionThe holidays represent a special time for the seniors in our community and it's critical that we consider their requests seriously. We encourage caretakers to value longstanding traditions and share

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