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Month: October 2018


Beating the Holiday Blues for Seniors

Beating the Holiday Blues…We’ve written on this topic previously, yet I never find it outdated to share advice that may help others from developing feelings of unhappiness, insomnia, loss of appetite, or even depression. So here are 10 tips to Beat the Holiday Blues. The “Holiday Season” – that time from Thanksgiving through New Year’s – is supposed to be happy times filled with get-togethers between friends, neighbors, and family. They are a time of celebration and joy; a time to remind us all of the brilliant, wonderful things life has bestowed upon us. Unfortunately, for many people, this special

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Feature Highlight: National Primary Care Week (October 1-5, 2018)

National Primary Care Week (NPCW) 2018 will be held October 1-5, 2018. The theme for this year is “A Call to Primary Care,” with a focus on the role of primary care physicians in their communities. We will touch on topics such as firearm safety, the 2018 midterm elections, and additional ways in which physicians can positively influence their communities. The topics for each day are: Monday – Maternal mortality/pre-natal care Tuesday – Firearm safety Wednesday – Mental health Thursday – Women in medicine Friday – Opioid abuse Reach out to for questions.

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Is It Time for a Medication Reconciliation?

See your doctor or pharmacist Saturday, Oct. 21 for National Check Your Meds Day An annual medication review—or a "brown bag review"—is a good opportunity to make sure you’re taking the right medicines for your condition, and taking them correctly. Whether you’re taking one, two, or a dozen medications, having a comprehensive medication review with your pharmacist or doctor can help with identifying potential problems. It can also help your doctor remove medications you might no longer need. If even one of the six questions below describes your drug regimen, make an appointment to see your doctor or pharmacist. 1.

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