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Top 5 Travel Tips for Seniors

Summer has arrived! It's time to break out the beach chairs, picnic baskets, tents, and cameras. With a more active senior population than ever, it’s no surprise that senior travel trends are on the upswing. In fact, most of the seniors polled by AARP in a recent survey planned on taking four to five trips in 2018. Before you hop in a plane, train, or automobile, be sure to read these five tips to help keep your travel plans safe and stress-free. Make your doctor’s office the first stop. Seniors should schedule a visit with their primary doctor prior to

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Beating the Holiday Blues for Seniors

Beating the Holiday Blues…We’ve written on this topic previously, yet I never find it outdated to share advice that may help others from developing feelings of unhappiness, insomnia, loss of appetite, or even depression. So here are 10 tips to Beat the Holiday Blues. The “Holiday Season” – that time from Thanksgiving through New Year’s – is supposed to be happy times filled with get-togethers between friends, neighbors, and family. They are a time of celebration and joy; a time to remind us all of the brilliant, wonderful things life has bestowed upon us. Unfortunately, for many people, this special

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Feature Highlight: National Primary Care Week

National Primary Care Week (NPCW) 2018 will be held October 1-5, 2018. The theme for this year is “A Call to Primary Care,” with a focus on the role of primary care physicians in their communities. We will touch on topics such as firearm safety, the 2018 midterm elections, and additional ways in which physicians can positively influence their communities. The topics for each day are: Monday – Maternal mortality/pre-natal care Tuesday – Firearm safety Wednesday – Mental health Thursday – Women in medicine Friday – Opioid abuse Reach out to for questions.

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franchise opportunities

Owning a Franchise: 5 Helpful Tips

Choosing to purchase a franchise is a big step towards success. Franchise owners may have the advantage of their franchisor’s business plan, but that doesn’t mean that owning a franchise is easy. A new franchise owner must be prepared to research their franchise heavily, as well as spend a lot of time with that franchise. Below, you will find five tips that could be vital in your success as a franchise owner and your potential franchise opportunities.  Choosing the Right Business The first tip to owning a franchise is to understand what business is the right fit for you. Sometimes,

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Senior care requires a few extra steps during travel, but there are solutions.

Traveling With Seniors & Creating Cool Zones

Traveling procedures can be a hazard for the average person, but increases challenges for senior care. Nonetheless, it is possible without falling victim to stress. Nowadays, traveling facilities are more inclusive towards the needs of older travelers, aiming to provide a pleasant experience for  passengers overall. In order to have a rewarding trip, here are some tips when traveling with seniors:  Health Conditions or Disabilities  It is important to be realistic about the limitations of a senior traveling. Whether if it is their physical or mental state (i.e. heart condition or Alzheimer ), it must not be taken for granted.  Plan

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