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Why Healthcare Franchises Are Profitable

When considering what franchises to invest in, you will want to find a franchise that is guaranteed to bring you a good amount of income. In this day and age, franchises of all forms are growing in profit and popularity. These franchises can range anywhere from fast-food to grooming. Out of all of the popular franchises in 2019, one particular franchise is growing at an extraordinary rate. Healthcare franchises are popular for a variety of reasons, the biggest being that there is a higher demand for it. This popularity means that healthcare franchises are some of the best franchises to

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The Pros and Cons of Buying a Franchise

Buying a franchise is never an easy decision. While you may dream of your business bringing you endless profit, you may also imagine everything that could go wrong. Obviously, success as a franchisor will not happen immediately, but it is possible. With the right amount of research and understanding, you will understand what franchise opportunities are right or wrong for you. One of the first steps to understanding if you are interested in franchising is weighing the pros and cons.  Cons of Buying a Franchise  One of the biggest downfalls of franchises is the initial startup costs. The costs all

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Franchise Opportunities: Can You Afford One?

One of the biggest concerns about making any form of business investment involves the cost. You might think that the decision to buy a business is the same as the decision to buy a franchise opportunity. In reality, a franchise is much more profitable and cheaper. The cost of a franchise is actually far less than the cost of a business. Yes, purchasing a franchise is similar to purchasing a new business. But a franchise will give you the advantage of a tested, successful business model. A franchise is not simple, however. It takes a lot of work and dedication

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Spotlight: Senior Placement

Seniors who live by themselves and want to remain independent, being alone is not a great option due to a variety of reasons such as: household maintenance, cooking and other issues that require mobility. “Placement” into a Senior Community is a viable option for those that can afford it and who qualify.  Senior Communities have grown and are beautifully designed to encompass all aspects of Senior Living and Socialization.  Studies show that seniors with an active social life live 5-10 years longer than those who remain isolated at home. Like real estate agents, placement coordinators help you navigate and narrow

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A Better Solution Senior Tips for October

HOME SENIOR SAFETY: For seniors, falls are the number one cause of emergency room visits and hospital stays. Our safety tips allow our caregivers, clients and their family or friends to help create an environment that is safe and healthy. These tips are not just for seniors. Look around your own home to ensure everyone’s safety. Here are some simple and effective safety tips: Declutter your house to make sure you have plenty of space to walk around. Less clutter also means less risk of falls. Make sure all rugs have anti-slipping pads. Cover furniture corners to prevent injuries if

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